Why Hiring the Best Nashville DUI Attorney is Crucial for your Case

Why Hiring the Best Nashville DUI Attorney is Crucial for your Case

Nashville is a top tourist destination with some of the most historic sites to visit. Though the city enjoys a higher level of economic progress, there lurks one big problem that has permeated the local population through the years.

Drunk driving has claimed the lives of over 3,500 Tennessee residents from 2003 to 2012 alone. Across the US, over 29 people die each day because of alcohol-impaired vehicle collisions. Though strict law enforcement has lessened the severity of the problem, the problem still poses a significant threat to Nashville.

When dealing with an infraction, a Nashville DUI attorney is the best recourse to help clear your name. They provide the expertise so you can restore your right name and prevent possible fines, jail time, and community service.

What constitutes a DUI charge?

Drunk driving charges can be devastating for anyone who finds themselves entangled with such a predicament. It can affect your personal life and give you a damaging public record that affects your social and financial status.

As such, DUI is one of the most common crimes committed by a lot of teens and grown-ups in Nashville. Statistics show that over 1.6% of teens and young adults commit DUI, and 8.0% of the population aged 23 to 34, are more likely to find themselves intoxicated while driving.

Driving under the influence results in criminal charges and hefty fines. A person apprehended goes typically through a drinking test where the alcohol levels are determined, and a standard sobriety measure is examined.

By law, a driver with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% and above is considered alcohol-impaired. This means he does not have the right reflexes and mind frame to drive a vehicle. Also, a person with a BAC range beyond 0.09% is sluggish enough to understand what he is doing.

There are also other tests, including the FSTs or the Field Sobriety Test, where an officer examines a driver’s cognitive abilities, coordination, and balance. These tests are designed to gauge a person’s impairment and his ability to show coordinative mind and body movements.

Why you need to get the help of a DUI attorney

A Nashville DUI attorney is not just your ally when faced with a DUI misdemeanor case. They also provide the needed expertise, so you are removed from hefty fines and possible jail time. A DUI attorney gives you all the options to stay clear from excessive amounts that are often associated with such infraction.

Nonetheless, a DUI expert lays out all the necessary groundwork and possible outcomes of your behavior. And because your goal is to prevent a significant impact on your finances and personal life, a DUI attorney can help mitigate the consequences.

Various options, including a plea bargain for lower offense retribution, can only be done with the help of a DUI attorney. Their legal expertise is the only way to get out of a DUI entanglement and the possibilities of serving jail time or even community service.

 Should you go for a plea bargain agreement?

Although a DUI case can be a big mistake, people charged with such infraction are given a chance to admit their guilt and face lower consequences. This is called a DUI plea bargain where you are willing to change their lives and accept the justified deal. A plea bargain agreement is one of the courses to avoid jail time and can only be recommended by your legal DUI representative.

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