What’s On Aha Movies- Best Tv Shows And Movies

Cinema has provided people with a source of amusement and entertainment since its inception. Cinema has become a constant for us as an escape from daily life, from its often superficial content to its realistic and relatable storylines.

Even when the ongoing lockdown has disturbed cinema’s complex nature, OTT streaming services have preserved cinema’s influence.Streaming sites have helped make the pandemic less mundane by releasing many direct-to-video releases and adding a curated list of movies.

AHA is one such streaming site, where you can from movies online watch to watching series and shows and all-new Tollywood releases.Here are a few shows you can watch exclusively on AHA. 

  1. 1 Yaari.

No. 1 Yaari is a talk show series aired in different languages: Telugu, Marathi, Hindi and Kannada. The Telugu version of the talk show series is hosted by veteran Telugu actor and Bahubali fame Rana Daggubati. VIU India first produced the show for its first two seasons, and now the new season is shifted to AHA.The talk show centres on Rana having a chat to unfold personal and professional stories from guests who come every week.

  1. Sam Jam. 

Sam Jam is an online talk show series hosted by one of Telugu’s Favorite actresses Samantha Akkineni. The series has eight episodes, a short run, but you are introduced to several known faces from the Telugu film industry. The series is directed by ArunSeshkumar and produced by Allu Aravind for Aha, premiered on the streaming platform aha on November 13, 2020. Following the Telugu television reality series Bigg Boss 4, Samantha’s second show as a host.

Sam Jam is a fun show where celebrities appear on each episode, which airs once a week, and are asked questions about their personal and professional lives by the host and participate in fun activities with recurring host Comedian HarshaChemudu.

The show includes an audience who are allowed to ask the guests questions every week. Some episodes also had skilled artists performing artistry and entering the viewers.

  1. TamashaWithHarsha

An eight-episode runner, Tamasha with Harsha stars the comedian HarshaChemudu as the main host having fun and ridiculing comedically the guests that come every week.

The show opened with Niharika and Navdeep as the first guests and ending with VarshaBollamma and AnandDevarakonda for the first season.

The show is based on satire, and actor Harsha aims to make you laugh out loud as he interacts with celebrities and roasts them savagely and hilariously. It’ll be a riot of laughter, complete with high-intensity, friendly banter, all in keeping with his theme. Take a look at what’s hot, fun, and happening with a blazing fire of roasting and a healthy dose of hilarity.

If you want to Telugu movies or want to watch web series or the three most popular shows as mentioned above, get your hands on a subscription plan on AHA and enjoy a chill and entertainment-packed summer with family or by yourself.

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