What Kind of Wood do you use for Wood Signs?

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When you are considering wood for your sign projects, the options are many. Picking the right kind of wood depends on various factors. For creating custom wood signs, plywood and pine are considered to be the best. This is because they have higher flexibility and capability for using it on different kinds of wooden projects.

However, for making the best wooden signs you need to what is the best in the business.

Let’s learn more about the best woods for your wood signs.


Plywood is made up of layers of wood. They are veneered and glued together along with their grains at 900 with each other. This is also considered the best form of engineered wood and is available in various types of qualities. Plywood also differs in its thickness. You can create plywood from softwood, Douglas fir, spruce, cedar, and pine. You can even create plywood from an oak tree, mahogany, and beech.

However, when you trying to make custom wood signs, you should not worry much about the quality of the plywood. You only need to choose a paint that sticks to it immediately.


Pinewoods are best among the softwoods. This is available all over the world. Pinewood is amazingly sturdy although falling under the category of softwoods. This wood carries a bit of nice yellowish color and a creamy shade to it. Moreover, pinewood also has many markings and knots that highlights the character of this wood. This is due to this light color; it can mix with any custom wood signs of your choice.


This wood is considered the best for making furniture all over the United States. This wood carries a reddish-brown shade to it. Its characteristics include dark markings that provide a classic and elegant look to the wood. Working on cherry wood is simple and it has a fair amount of water resistance to it. However, you can enhance it with an appropriate sealant. Moreover, this wood has another specialty of getting dark with age. Thus, this wood will provide your custom wood signs a classic look that you are longing for.


You can easily get acacia wood by spending a little money on your signboard project. The simple reason being is its durability and cost-effectiveness. The benefits of using acacia wood are numerous. The two more common reasons are moisture resistance and enhanced durability to custom wood signs. But you have to be careful when you are selecting hardwood. This is because acacia hardwood is easily available in all parts of the world. Hence, it is cheaper than other solid woods. However, acacia wood is used for making different musical instruments, furniture, canoes, and few decorative items.

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