The Dilemma of Sitting Too Long

Dilemma of Sitting Too Long

It seems everyone sits behind some computer or tablet all day long. Most of us don’t move for eight hours or more. We are pressed with deadlines and our eyes are glued to the screen. The thought of taking a break seems to slow you down. You don’t feel like stopping what you’re doing and walk to the restroom. However, sitting for long periods of time is damaging to your health. Our backs ache and our muscles never get the exercise they need. Soon, we walk stiff and are talking to the doctor about how to ease the pain. Here are some of the problems we face when sitting for too long.

Back Pain

Our backs begin to develop pain in the lower parts of our spine. Sitting upright with no cushion can do a lot of harm. One thing you can do is give yourself timed breaks. You should create short intervals so you get up at least four to six times an hour from your desk or the couch. This gives your back a chance to adjust. It might be a good idea to stretch until you hear some cracks. You can relieve the tension in your back muscles by doing this.

If you are sitting for 12 hours or more, then you need to get on a schedule of getting up every hour. Take a walk on the company site or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Your back will thank you when returning to your desk. Invest in a back cushion that fits with the curvature of your spine. Never sit in hardwood chairs all day long. Your chair needs to support your back as you type or sit reading over paperwork. Back pain is one of the first areas people suffer from when sitting too long.

Mental Health

Believe it or not, our mental health is affected when we sit too long. Looking at a screen all day and not moving is not natural. Our minds must focus on other things in order to remain healthy. Sitting for hours can bring on depression and change your mood. You might not realize it at first as it takes some time to grow on you. Get up from your desk and make an effort to chat with other co-workers. This gives you something else to focus on other than your job. Give yourself another outlet besides what’s in front of you.

Weight Gain

We’ve all seen them walking around at the shopping center or in the park. These are overweight people and we might be one of them. Most often, these individuals work in jobs where they sit all day. They have their lunch at their desk and rarely go for bathroom breaks. Weight gain is one of the biggest signs that someone sits for hours on end. It doesn’t matter if you’re at your job or on the couch. Sitting too long can give you diabetes. Doctors have long informed those who sit for their job to get up and do exercise any chance they get. You also might consider getting the best mattress for sciatica.

Heart Problems

Your heart suffers when you sit too long. It needs proper blood flow. Sitting in a chair for hours isn’t going to cut it. You must give it a chance to pump freely instead of remaining in one spot. It has been proven by scientists that for those who sit for long hours, they damage their hearts. You can change this around by shortening the periods of your workload. Talk to your supervisor and find out ways to cut your work in half. See if it’s possible to add some exercise into your workday.

These are some of the things that happen to us if we sit too long. Our backs suffer as it makes us stiff. The muscles contract and begin to give you problems sending you to the doctor. We become depressed staring at a screen and never having social interaction. It’s imperative we take care of our mental health. Sitting for twelve hours brings us downhill faster down we realize. We face obesity in jobs where we are required to sit all day. Start asking your supervisor for more breaks so you can exercise. Heart problems develop in those who sit and never seem to move.

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