Choosing Between a Temporary and Permanent Steel Building

Temporary and Permanent Steel Building

Both temporary and permanent structures can use structural steel in their construction. However, they have a significant difference brought by the materials that are used for the walls, roof, and floor. The choice on which to use for your structures for your home or business premises depends on a couple of factors.

But the most important thing is to consider the pros and cons of each option. For entrepreneurs, making the right choice is crucial. This guide will cover both options and what is best for different scenarios.

Making New Business Premises

If you are a business beginner, it is crucial to consider using temporary structures as much as possible. The cost implication is very low when compared to permanent structures. Temporary structures are even better when a business is planning to relocate in the near future. For those who are not conversant with these structures, it is worth noting that they can be moved easily by experts.

On the other hand, a big establishment may need permanent steel structures if it is planning to operate for many years on the same land. Again, such a building will provide more safety and security for the expensive machines that are used.

Expanding an Existing Business Premises

Whether or not your current business is temporary will not prevent you from taking the temporary option. According to experts at Smart Space, a company that designs and installs different temporary structures, it is easy to expand any business structures using this option, though there are a few limitations. The main benefits include cost and time saving, convenience, and many other benefits.

If you prefer to use permanent steel structures to match the existing permanent structures, then you should be prepared to dig deeper into your pockets. The steel frames are often accompanied by brick and mortar for walls, glass windows, and the roof will take the iron sheets, bricks, or asphalt shingles.

Building Institution Structures

There is a trend of using temporary classrooms, temporary health care structures, and temporary offices. You may have been to institutions that have converted containers into offices. Apart from looking incredible, they make a lot of economic sense for the institutions. For schools and hospitals, the main idea is to increase flexibility.

If they are made of frames and modular boards, dismantling and moving them to a different location is very simple. Such structures can also be used for many functions including research, studying, and treating patients because they are often equipped using modern amenities juts like the permanent options.

Choosing the Best Option

When it comes to making the right decision on which option to go for, it all depends on the factors that we have mentioned. There is no option to be in a dilemma since each option has its pros and cons. Luckily, there are experts to offer the best professional guidance on what is better for you.


For most people, temporary structures will take the day because they have more pros than cons. Luckily, the experts who design and install them have taken their expertise a notch higher and will give your business or institution a fully-functional structure that is delivered quickly at a lower cost.

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