Telltale Signs That You Are Ready for Divorce

Ready for Divorce

Nobody enters a marriage thinking about eventually getting a divorce in Singapore, but that’s what happens to nearly half of all married couples. While it’s not ideal, there may come a time when you need to call an end to the relationship, which could make everyone involved happier in the long run.

Here are the signs that you are beyond ready for a divorce and separation:

You are no longer communicating

Arguing in a relationship is completely normal. The problems begin when the two of you stop communicating altogether. The only way to work through marriage issues is by discussing them with your partner. If you no longer want to talk, it may be time to move on.

Getting tired of trying

A lack of communication can go both ways. There’s a very good chance your partner has stopped talking to you. It’s a lot of work trying to engage with a spouse who is emotionally distant. The marriage may be officially at its end once you stop trying to spark the passion in your wife or husband.

Focusing on outside interests

A failing relationship will likely create a void in your life. Most people seek to fill this void by focusing all their energy on something else. If you’ve suddenly found yourself spending a lot of time at work or developing a new hobby, this may be a huge signal from your unconscious mind.

No longer having sex

Sex is a great way to express your love for another person, but there are also plenty of marriages that succeed without it. The problem arises when you constantly deny sex from a willing spouse, as this may be a sign your passion for your spouse is completely gone, and that you need to check out the divorce procedures in Singapore.

Dreaming of a single life

It’s normal to occasionally dream about being single when you see your unmarried friends out having fun. If these dreams become the only thing you think about daily, there’s a huge problem. There’s an even bigger issue if you start to realistically plan the important aspects of your single life.

People think about divorce during arguments or unhappy times in a relationship. If one spouse did something hurtful, or if one person feels trapped in a circumstance that has made him or her unhappy, it can be taxing on the relationship. It’s normal to think about divorce when things are hard, but if you’re thinking about it even when things are ok, that’s a bad sign. If you’re sitting at family gatherings thinking about the divorce process, even as others might look at your family and think you’re happy. Then it’s probably a sign you’re emotionally checked out, and divorce may be the right course of action.

Not resolving conflict

As mentioned earlier, fights are bound to happen in a marriage. Loving partners will do everything in their power to compromise and find a solution to the argument. If you’re unwilling to make this compromise, it may be a sign you no longer care about the relationship.

Feeling apathetic about your partner

The marriage may be failing, but you spent a lot of time loving your spouse. There should always be some sort of admiration or positive feelings toward your husband or wife, especially when he or she does something great for you or your children. Once these feelings are replaced with apathy or disgust, you may not be able to repair the marriage.

Your arguments aren’t productive

Ideally, arguments are hashed out constructively, by listening to each other’s concerns and reaching a resolution that works for both parties. If the arguments in your marriage have become toxic — and are more about “winning,” or hurting your partner than they are about reaching a solution — or if the same arguments come up again and again without triggering any positive changes, that’s a sign that divorce could be on the horizon.


There seems to be a magic number for when divorces happen. No matter where in the world you’re from or in what culture you’ve been raised, you’re most likely to get a divorce after four years into your marriage.

Even more fascinating, human brains have evolved to hone a drive for love and partnership that lasts just long enough to raise a single child through infancy. Partnering allowed women to raise children and their male partners to provide for and protect them while the children were young.

After that? People are, as mammals, driven to procreate with more than one partner to have the strongest genetic legacy. If you’re having children with two or three men rather than just one, you’re creating more genetic variety in your babies. In other words, for millions of years, some primitive form of divorce was probably an adaptive mechanism to create more genetic variety.

A long-term marriage is around to be 11 years long. Most marriages break up between the first and second years or the fifth and eighth years. In the first and second year, you bought into this marriage, bought into this dream, and it’s not what you wanted. That’s when the warning signs first go off. During the fifth and eighth years, there’s the most change. You may have children, different jobs, maybe you’re not happy in your career. It is when life hits you.

If you’re at the point where you think the divorce process in Singapore is the right choice for you, there are alternatives to hiring a lawyer and having to make countless court appearances.

If you need an uncontested divorce in Singapore, visit our website and let our experts help you today.

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