Stemless wine glasses the newest trend?

Home Improvement

A glass door cabinet does not just hold a kitchen’s essential supplies since it is a masterpiece that homeowners can use to accentuate their spaces. They provide an intricate puzzle where you can fit all the pieces together while creating a functional space. In some spaces, glass cabinets are the focal point of the kitchen. This is where you get to show off all your stemware and the most recently bought China plates. Some homeowners shun the idea of fitting glass cabinets, assuming that they need to be extremely neat.

On the contrary, glass cabinets keep a kitchen space tidy. Organising your glassware and serving ware in kitchen glass cabinets can complement a kitchen design and change a space. You don’t need to purchase new items, use existing cutlery. The text highlights ways homeowners can organise glass door cabinets for a clutter-free look:

Capitalise on White Cutlery

You can’t go wrong with white dinnerware. Arrange rows of white coffee cups, stacks of plates and bowls. Start with the larger pieces like serving dishes, white trays, sugar bowls and lidded casseroles and line up stemless wine glasses and other clear glasses. The sparkle in the clear glasses makes this space pop.

Show Off

Glass door cabinets are ideal for showing off your most treasured cutlery, e.g., your great-grandmother’s wine glasses or your mother’s favourite pottery vase. Avoid mixing the colours. Instead use dishes, cups or mugs that complement the colour of the cabinet. Soft pastels create a warm look in the kitchen, but you can also add some white, so your coloured pieces stand out. Kitchen spaces with open floor plans have fewer walls thus, large pieces of furniture may not be befitting. In such a scenario, consider using your glass-front cabinet to display your wedding China plates. Plate stands come in handy to keep some dishes erected upright while the others rest in angles.

Use Matching Cutlery

While mixing up different colours of bowls, plates and mugs create a little pop, using matching cutlery stacked in a different arrangement will do the trick. Here are some rules to guide you:

  • Less is more: Avoid displaying everything on the cabinet. Only show the most outstanding pieces.
  • Place the essential items on the lower shelves: It is also referred to as the short person rule. For example, if you host guests often, you can arrange your stemless wine glasses at the bottom shelf. It is especially helpful when you have a dry bar for storing drinks.
  • Create different stacks for like items: Make arrangements of 3-6 of each item to create different stacks of like items. If you have 12 plates, arrange two stacks of four dishes each and leave the other on the side. If you have six bowls, make two stacks of 2. The leftovers will be used to layer on top or under the stacks later on.
  • Arrange mismatched mugs, glasses and plates in a different cabinet

Add Utilitarian Items

Utilitarian items like a bright shiny, coloured mixer look great behind a glass cabinet. Pair it with a green or blue salad bowl and serving dishes. Pantry items like canisters used to store flour, sugar or coffee make perfect items to display.

Additional Tips:

  • Be sure to wipe down the cabinets to keep the glass shining inside and out
  • Store items that you barely use on the top shelf
  • Use a plastic shelf liner at the bottom to protect the floor of the cabinet. Damp glasses mark the wood with water rings, causing the wood to warp.
  • Mix horizontal and vertical items. You can arrange some plates vertically and lay others in a stack.