Seven Necessities For A Hunting Day Pack

Seven Necessities For A Hunting Day Pack

Going hunting is always a good time. Time to get away back to nature. Test your instincts and spend some time in woods. To chase game and make a good kill would give your heart a good pumping healing. So, you get your gun, and buy bulk ammo matching it, and go. The outdoors is an uncontrolled environment, and that is the draw to spend time there. To be away from society. When heading out into the wild there are a few things that you will want to have with you, some are just in case and some are really necessary.

Start with a good pack about medium size. These can be had through any sporting goods shop or online. Military packs are the best ones to acquire because they have been tested and tried. Any Army surplus store will have a decent selection, again looking online the styles are endless. Once you have a decent pack you can trust it’s time to load it with the gear you have decided to take with you. Your choice of gear should be narrowed down according to the size of the pack. Water is an important resource to keep with you. When moving around you will get hungry so pack some food. A firestarter is always a must, just in case. Pack a flashlight in case it gets late. A good hunting knife is a necessity. The first aid kit will cover you in case of injury. Then just to be extra safe I pack a small one person water purifier. All this gear will pack nicely in our hunting packs. Let’s explain each item a little further.

  • You will want to pack some water. It is important to stay hydrated during your hunt. You will get dehydrated as you stalk your prey. It is important to stay well hydrated during summer and winter. Hydration is necessary to stay alert and function at your best.
  • Food is necessary as you hike along and track your target. Food like water will keep you at your best and stop your stomach from growling. Nothing worse than getting hungry out in the woods.
  • Packing a firestarter is important in case you get hung up out in the woods longer than you wanted. A good fire can solve many problems and is always a good way to signal your location. A fire has saved many lives in the woods.
  • Make sure you pack a flashlight. This will come in very handy if you get caught after sunset and need a little direction for your way home. Lots of people have been delayed on their trip back out of the woods. Make sure you are covered.
  • I will never go out into the woods without a good knife. It is a necessity that you must bring. The knife will come in handy for many and any uses. This piece of equipment can make the difference between life and death. There are lots of stories out there to substantiate this claim. They are good reading too.
  • Never forget a good first aid kit. Tramping through the woods can result in scratches and such things. One never knows what might happen. I have had minor issues that a good band aid would help fix.
  • Always pack a small one person water purifier just in case you run out of water or get caught later than you wanted. Again, water is important. You need it to stay hydrated. It will make the hunt a lot easier.

Packing the right gear in your hunting packs will always make our hunt easier and a lot safer. Not to mention a lot more enjoyable when you get hungry and thirsty. Having the right gear with you just in case gives you that sense of security when you are in an uncontrolled environment.

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