QuickBooks Hosting vs QuickBooks Cloud Hosting: What’s The Difference?

QuickBooks Hosting vs QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

In small businesses, owners and their accountants need a way to keep track of day-to-day documents such as invoices and bills. With the use of QuickBooks, it is made possible and convenient. It can be easily integrated on existing systems so the more advanced management of finances quickly became more accessible.

One of the most notable SaaS products today is QuickBooks. It is incredibly easy to learn which is why so many companies are adopting it rapidly. There are different types of QuickBooks hosting that you can get as well as varieties of QuickBooks itself. Learn about the difference between QuickBooks Hosting and QuickBooks Cloud Hosting below.

What is QuickBooks Hosting?

When someone says QuickBooks Hosting, they are most likely talking about the version that you can access on your desktop. It has the same features that you would expect with QuickBooks Desktop but has a more scalable pricing scheme.

You have an unlimited number of users that can be created, but there is a limitation on the number that can access QuickBooks simultaneously. This limitation will depend on the version of QuickBooks. You will have control over user permission, backups, inventory and leads, purchase orders, and shipping.

An optional feature that you can add on QuickBooks Hosting is the payroll function which can be used by both small businesses and bigger companies that have over a hundred employees. The better your connection to your server is, the faster QuickBooks Hosting will be.

What is QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is accessible through your browser. The user experience is similar to QuickBooks Desktop, but there are some differences in the formatting and layout because of the difference in platform where it is accessed on. The developer provides direct support.

Unlike QuickBooks Hosting, the pricing is going to be fixed, but you can still choose select upgrades for your plan that will give you access over other benefits for your accounting. You will be limited right on the get-go for the number of users that can access your QuickBooks including simultaneous access.

Most of the features that you can use on QuickBooks Hosting will be available on QuickBooks Cloud Hosting except lead and inventory management, some desktop features, and the shipping manager. The processing speed will depend on your connection to their servers. If you have a connection that has good peering with the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting data centers, you would not have any issues.

Thing to Note About Cloud Hosting

An important thing to note about QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is that the performance will depend on the company that you choose as your host. Cloud is often times used as a marketing term even though the hosting is still shared or on a standard tiered platform. Make sure that you choose a reputable company whether you are going with hosting or with the cloud version.

Using QuickBooks cloud hosting can help your business grow without having to worry too much about the backend. An added level of security is the management of your data and the calculation of your ROI instantly.

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