Offbeat Wedding Venues In These Beautiful Destinations

destination wedding

Everybody is busy in the hustle bustle of the wedding but here you are dreaming about your significant other! Soon it is your wedding, a new start, most importantly an official start to a new journey which might change your life in ways you cannot imagine. But all you can think about is the beautiful time ahead, the time you will spend with each other!

And it goes without saying that you are looking for exotic places to spend that nice time. But imagine, what if you get a chance to organize your special day in a beautiful and serene destination? A destination that can match all your romantic expectancy and match the benchmarks set by the best wedding venues, like the top wedding venues in Delhi.

To help you with this, we made a list of some tranquil destination wedding venues that can suffice your search of beautiful and quiet places to tie the knot! This list not only covers the beautiful landscapes of India but also unravels the gorgeous and sedate nature of some very pretty foreign places.

6 Destination Wedding Venues


Destination Wedding Venues

Popular for being the birthplace of Dalai Lama, this place is filled with 16th century architecture. Amidst the gorgeous sceneries of Arunachal Pradesh, lies the sparsely populated town called Tawang. The highlight of this location is that it has tonnes of eye catching valleys and mountains, even fit for the pre wedding shoot. Moreover, it being in India is the best part, as you won’t have to travel all the way down to different countries!


Destination Wedding Venues

But if you are not a mountain person then we have a very breath taking alternative for you! Valparai is known for its lush green grasslands, magical misty scenes and what not. This can be a really great place to organize an intimate wedding, especially when you want to organize a romantic ceremony. Not only this, this place is home to the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, showcasing cheerful elephants.


destination wedding

The next location on our list, is of a foreign country. This beautiful country has sceneries that can match the excellence of the renaissance paintings. Moreover, popular for the old school charms it possesses, this place exudes with the rustic and the vintage vibes. It not only has alluring sites but is also a home country to some delicious wine that you should not miss out on!


destination wedding

There is no doubt that Turkey is a hotspot of exuberance and cultures. Most of the places cannot be at par with this location when it comes to having locations that are best for tying the auspicious knot. Especially, when we talk about Antalya, the beautiful beaches paired with the absolutely stunning boulevards make this a must visit a place.


Destination wedding

For all the people who are into Japanese culture, or call themselves otakus, this place can be the heaven. No anime has missed out this very place to showcase the beauty of love, because it is true that the simplicity and charm of Osaka can match the tender emotions like any other site. So go live your dream and indulge in the experience of love in Osaka.


Who doesn’t dream of visiting Greece once in their lifetime? We mean, the landscapes and the architecture is just something you should not miss out on. But if we go deep into Greece, we come to a place with a mesmerizing view and white architecture paired with blue beaches. So, if you want a nuptial spot which is super breezy, then Santorini can be a really good choice.

We hope you liked our article, and we hope that it can help you find a romantic location for your wedding!

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