Make Real Money by Cheating At Online Poker

Marking cards gives cheaters an advantage in the game. Most of the time they will mark all the high cards or any other cards that they consider important to the game.

Some scammers choose to mark their cards with something called shading. They will use very fine ink to change part of the design on the back of the card. This requires the cheater to mark very precisely, but if he does a good job, no one but him will notice the mark.

Another technique that many scammers use is called libel. A special form of ink and a small stain are used for the putty. Cheat applies ink to the back of the card and the ink is invisible to the naked eye. Special sunglasses are required to see the markings. A set for this can be purchased at magic shops or novelty stores.

Alt: invisible ink marked cards for poker gambling

When it comes to poker players, whether you play baccarat or Omaha, the poker card itself is very important. This is because poker cards can be turned into cards with edge markings, which can be seen with a pair of contact lenses. Therefore, if you want to cheat at poker, you need a pack of marked cards and a couple of points. Also, if you are very good at the game, you can do some tricks like trading cards and hiding them.

Also, to cheat at poker, you must have excellent psychological qualities. The cheating method is simple, but you have to be brave and skillful enough.

Professional cheats are superior to magicians at handling cards

Some tricks are especially gifted and others are trained 365 days a year to master undetectable techniques with a deck of cards by buying from Cheaters are specialists and cards are bread and butter, while magicians cover much broader horizons (balls, cups, ropes, mind reading, illusionism, etc.).

Some magicians specialize in game techniques and have reached extraordinary levels. But their movements often lack naturalness or perform tricks that cheaters have never used. Also, demonstrating the game in front of an audience cannot be compared to actual work. 

Specify in one area

Like magicians, cheaters often specialize in a specific area to become masters. One of the most difficult tricks is folding wavy ribbons. Done perfect, you cannot suspect that the platform is folding. The masters of hairstyle are called thieves. There are also those who specialize in exchanging cards in and out of the game. They are tough people. Paper players specialize in tagging cards, base dealers specialize in the bottom hand, and the list goes on.

Corner crimping is the method many cheaters use to mark their cards. The scammer will see the card they want to mark, then move that card away from other cards and use their thumb or forefinger to slightly bend the corner of the card. You will be able to notice the mark during the game and remember the card. Some cheats, when dealing, can shuffle multiple cards to the bottom of the deck and turn the corners at the same time.

Some cheats prefer to use miniatures on their cards

The cheater will see the card they want to mark and then poke the tip of their fingernail into the back of that particular card. Players who are not trained to look for these marks will not notice them, while the player will be able to notice them throughout the game.

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