How to wear crystal jewelry

How to wear crystal jewelry

Crystal class

Common varieties: crystal, tourmaline, garnet, aquamarine, obsidian, sugilite, lapis lazuli, etc.

Scope: The crystal here is the broad concept of “crystal” – silicate semi-precious stones. Why is the silicate semi-precious stone called crystal? Because their basic chemical composition is almost the same. Silicate gemstones account for about 40% of the total amount of gemstones, which is also a major category of gemstones.

How to wear: Semi-precious stones of the crystal class are not high-grade stones, but as semi-precious stones, their hardness is not low. They can withstand ordinary bumps. But crystals are often worn as bracelets, and the chance of the wrist is more likely being bumped, so try to avoid sudden strong bumps. Ordinary tourmaline garnets have more internal cracks, and the probability of cracking is greater.

Cleaning method: mother daughter matching jewelry has a higher daily penetration rate, more people wear and different in prices. Common bead string can be wiped regularly to avoid surface scaling; if scale has formed, wipe it with a soft cloth and dry it with a cloth; if it must be washed with water, avoid water containing chemical reagents and use less detergent. If there are inlaid jewelry, be sure to wipe it clean after washing to avoid chemical changes in the metal parts.

Wiping method: The hardness of the crystal gemstone is not too low. If the hardness is too low, it can not be called a gemstone. But the wearability for different gem is different, so it is recommended to use a clean soft cloth when wiping, such as special cloth for wiping electronic screen or glasses. For temporary cleaning, a softer tissue can be used, but don’t rub it hard. There are still a lot of tiny hard objects inside the paper towel that will wear the surface of the stone.

Does crystal really need degaussing?

Many people think that crystal has a powerful magnetic field energy, which can help people to exorcise evil spirits and convert positive energy. However, while transforming, crystal will absorb a lot of negative energy and the energy field will become weak, so it is necessary to degauss regularly to remove negative energy. In fact, this is just a rather dimly discernible statement. However, the correct cleaning and maintenance can keep the crystal jewelry in the most beautiful state. It can make people feel happy, which can be a kind of positive energy.

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