How To Maintain Or Restore Your Car’s Interior Trims And Buttons

How To Maintain Or Restore Your Car's Interior Trims And Buttons

We all know how true-blue car enthusiasts love maintaining their four-wheeled buddies. Whether it’s the exterior or the interior, this desire to keep every part clean and well-performing is totally understandable though. It prolongs the life of the car and sustains a good overall driving experience.

This maintenance ranges from buying old Mercedes parts for sale online to replace damaged ones to restoring interior trims and buttons. In this particular blog, we are turning our attention to the latter.

Here are six tried-and-tested tips on how to make your vehicle’s trims and buttons look as good as new!

Get the right materials. From vacuum cleaners to soaps to clothes and reconditioning sprays, you will need a wide range of cleaning materials to keep the inside of your car free from dust and debris. When securing these materials, make sure to use those that are safe and appropriate for your vehicle. Read your manual of instructions or consult an expert (or your manufacturer) before applying any chemical-laden product on your car.

Use reconditioning products that match the colors of your car’s interior. Several reconditioning products are available in the market (you can even buy them from e-commerce platforms that offer old Mercedes parts for sale). These products can restore the look and condition of your doors, dash, seats and console area. When choosing, pick one that resembles the original color of the part of the interior you’re cleaning. Using these products involve scrubbing the area first, spray them on, wiping the dirt away, and then vacuuming.

Be thorough while vacuuming. Vacuum cleaners are a must-have if you own a car. This highly-dependable cleaning gear can get rid of the dirt that sits on places that are rather difficult to reach by hand. Especially when it comes to a car’s interior, all sorts of debris can go into such areas — from dust to sand to stone to grains, to even tiny pieces of jewelry. When vacuuming, make sure to be thorough and meticulous to avoid leaving nooks and crannies uncleaned.

A cloth and a screwdriver can go a long way. Your console can really be a nasty place to clean — it has lots of cracks and crevices! To clean this one, you can use a screwdriver covered with thin cleaning cloth. If you’re afraid to cause damage to any part of your console, you can use a small plastic knife as an alternative.

Stains should be removed immediately. A basic rule in car interior cleaning: Remove stains right away. If it’s your leather seats or lining that has been stained, commercially available cleaners are your best option. If it’s a coffee stain, make sure to address it ASAP using cold water and a clean cloth. Grease stains, on the other hand, can be removed using paint thinner and a clean cloth.

Invest in protective creams. Over time, the first coating layer of vinyl and plastic parts can disintegrate. Mostly found on buttons and car handles, you can protect these components by applying protective creams, which can be bought from auto shops. If you’ve scored old Mercedes parts for sale for your car interior, you can make them look brand-new and help them last longer by applying this type of cream as well.

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