How Riot ELO Boost Detects

How Riot ELO Boost Detects

Once we provide the previous tests to Riot, he can investigate the player’s account.

What you are going to look at will be, above all, the accesses that the account has had since IPs have made those accesses and the moment.

To explain it better, I will put a practical case.

Suppose a Mark from Spain buys a lol boosting from a company that offers it.

Let’s see the pattern that would follow for Riot to consider the 99.9% security that this account is eloboosted:

  • Mark is logged in to his account, while he is contacting a platform to buy ELO Boost
  • He buys it and keeps playing
  • The platform contacts him and tells him that next Wednesday at 17:00, the ELO Boost will begin
  • On Wednesday, Mark is logged into his account at 5:00 p.m., at which time the company elobooster enters the account. Upon entering the account, he expels Mark and starts playing ranked
  • Over the next few days, while the elobooster is in the account, Mark occasionally enters it to verify that he has access and see which division he is going to
  • When the elo booster ends, Mark enters his account and continues to play ranked
  • It is at this moment that he bumps into you and sends the request to report to Riot that he is an eloboosted player

Look closely at all the logins that have occurred in this case study.

When Riot goes to his database and observes all those logins made and sees that they were ranked, it is when he determines that the account is eloboosted and penalizes it with 2 weeks of banning.

From here, if they catch the account again by elo boost, then they will ban it permanently.

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