How Often Should You Replace Your Sunglasses?

How Often Should You Replace Your Sunglasses?

It’s tough to know when to replace your floating sunglasses especially if you don’t really have an idea about what causes them to deteriorate in the first place. More often than not, sunglasses are replaced only when they get broken or if there’s a new one that seems more stylistic or comfortable.

While there are certain personal factors that you have to consider when replacing your sunglasses, you should also know the factual requirements that may be at play when it comes to replacing sunglasses. Eye examinations, optometrist suggestion, and other things are vital to know before you replace your sunglasses.

You’ve Had It For Years

If you can’t recall when you first wore your sunglasses, chances are, it’s been with you for too long. Try to find out when you’ve had it. If you’ve had it for years, it might be time to replace it. There are so many things that can leave damage on your sunglasses.

When going for a run, all the dust particles will scratch the surface even if just lightly. There will also be times that you drop or sit on your sunglasses. Though the damage may not be as apparent early on, these will contribute to the wear and tear which will become more noticeable.

Damage on the lens is more noticeable in the long run, but they can be felt almost immediately. Some certain parts of your sunglasses may seem blurry even if it looks to be in good condition. The frame may also not be as durable because of the damage throughout the years.

Make sure that you always check your sunglasses for damage every time that there’s something that happens to it. Take note of the damages. The more they accumulate, the more you should consider replacing your sunglasses with Rheos Gear. There are many options to choose from such as choices of lens sizes and more.

Your Optometrist Suggests A Replacement

Going for a yearly trip to the optometrist will help you identify if there is anything that you can do to preserve the condition of your eyes. They will be able to suggest any improvements to the accessories that you bring with you.

Your sunglasses, upon inspection, may not be providing you with sufficient protection from harmful UV radiation from the sun. This can cause different medical conditions which will affect your quality of life. Avoid prolonging the wait in between your optometrist appointments. Always get a full check-up at least once a year.

There are many things that you can do to protect your eyes and ensure that your vision isn’t deteriorating at a pace that’s unmanageable. Age plays a factor in the deterioration of one’s eyesight, but there are many ways to protect it from outside factors such as wearing floating sunglasses.

Changing prescriptions can only be done with the assistance of an optometrist, so it’s a must that you get the latest numbers associated with your eyes so you don’t have to exert more effort than you should when looking at things.

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