Here’s How Cloud Hosting Can Help You Avoid Hosting Nightmares

Cloud Hosting

In order to succeed as a business, you have to be able to rely on the things that you use to work efficiently. With the internet becoming more and more important in our everyday lives, it’s no wonder that businesses tend to depend on their web hosting to be as reliable as possible.

There’s no one reason why a web host might go down. That’s why it is essential that you use Sage cloud hosting to ensure that all of your data on the internet is never in jeopardy. Different problems involving web hosting also plague the industry so it’s important to know what they are.

No Single Point of Failure

The most common problem that businesses have with traditional web hosting is that there is a single point of failure. If the particular web host goes down, all of the data that’s stored in it goes down too. There’s no way for the data to be retrieved until the web host goes back live.

In cloud hosting, the data is distributed into multiple data centers to ensure that even if one data center goes down, the data will still be available. There is virtually no risk of losing the data because there will always be another point of entry to retrieve them.

Security Vulnerabilities are Avoided

It only takes one exploitable point of entry on a web host for the data to be retrieved illegally by a hacker. As said above, cloud hosting distributes the data into different servers so even if a hacker gets physical access to one specific data rack, they won’t get all the data.

Online, hacking a cloud host is almost impossible because every data center has its own security system that the hacker will have to bypass. With a web host, they only have one challenge in front of them before they get to the data stored on the web host.

Affordability Doesn’t Mean Low Quality

Back when traditional web hosting was still the norm, businesses often associated low pricing with low quality all across the board. They expected poor customer service, unreliable web hosting, and even slow loading time. None of these are what you’ll get with Sage cloud hosting.

With cloud hosting, even though you are taking advantage of multiple data centers, you are able to save money because the cloud host doesn’t have to get paid by the storage. Oftentimes, traditional web hosts make money by overselling the available storage so it’s not uncommon to encounter large amounts of data being lost.

Maintaining Your Reputation

As a business, it is important to maintain the reputation that your brand upholds. It only takes one lengthy downtime for your brand to be associated with unreliability. This can lead to many customers being lost in the process because of the poor experience that they had.

Because you are able to rely on the uptime that you will get with cloud hosting, there will be no worries on maintaining your reputation when it comes to the host that you use for the data that you store.

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