FAQs about English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)                


Learning a new language is always beneficial for every individual at any stage of life. Anyone can learn a foreign language regardless of their age, along with new language knowledge; it is also beneficial for your resume. Among all the languages, English is the most important one as it is spoken and understood by most of the population in the world.

Additionally, you can enhance your communication skills in English by learning the language. It is not difficult to learn the English language for the speakers of another language. There are various English learning courses are available both online and offline for the speakers of another language. The goal of learning English of different individuals may vary, but all the ultimate aim of the learners is to master in the language. Well, people usually have a lot of queries before taking English courses for themselves.

What are the criteria to take English learning courses?

Generally, there are no specific criteria for enrolling for an English learning course; anyone who needs to learn the language can take the course. Different Individuals opt for the course be it for their career boost, organization’s requirement, or their willingness to learn the English language. Learner of any age can enroll for the course both online and offline.

Is the course ideal for the beginners?

The people, who speak another language than English, usually are the beginners or have little knowledge of the language. The course for English not aims at makes you learn the language; it aims at improving your English language knowledge. Through the course, you can improve your English knowledge and become more confident about the language. The course involves many non-classroom activities to coach the students. Therefore, the course is ideal for everyone, including beginners.

Key features of the ESOL course?

The course for English speakers of other language focuses on coaching the students to expertise in the language. Only learning the language is not enough; you have to be confident about your communication in English. People who speak another language usually are not confident enough to communicate in another language despite knowing the language. Through the course, the individuals can confidently communicate in English in the workspace and other places.

How does it help in the multicultural workspace?

In a multi-cultural organization, people belong to various culture and language. When the employees have different mother tongues, a tailored English learning course can be of immense help for the organization. English is a common language that is being spoken in most of the organization in the world to communicate. When the employee belonging to different culture learns from one place, they can communicate with each other in that language. It will be easy for the employees as well as the firm to communicate among themselves.

Why should I learn English?

People learn English for various reasons; many people have the willingness to learn the language and improve their language skills. Some people are working in an organization that demands to know English and has good communication in the language should opt for English learning course. Additionally, communication in the language makes you confident while you are talking to the people formally.


EOSL has a broader focus that provides quality learning to every age group in an innovative way. It is ideal for both classroom and independent learning, so, many adults are opting for EOSL course.

Many organizations, as well as individuals, are being benefitted by the EOSL course as it not only teaching the language but also making people to master the language.