Enjoyed Playing Free Rummy? Take a Plunge to Cash Rummy!

Enjoyed Playing Free Rummy Take a Plunge to Cash Rummy!

Have you been savoring the success of free rummy games till now?What next? If you have been hesitating for long to play for stakes, the time has come to take a plunge into the world of online cash rummy games. In comparison to free games, rummy games played for stakes gives anadrenaline rush along with a chance to win some amazing cash rewards. So, whether your purpose is to play cash games for recreation or you want to take your gaming to the next level, here’re a few tips to help you make your shift seamless.

An Insight to Cash Rummy at Rummy Passion!

The cash variant of rummy is as simple as free games. Rummy Passion offers free games just to help its users familiarise with the user-interface and the gaming pattern. Moreover, the chances are high that when you play free games, you may come across amateur players who are as new as you are to the game.However, as you gradually make a shift to cash games, you will no longer experiment your moves, instead play with all your potential to beat your rivals. To compete with seasoned players and to throw a tough competition, you must be aware of rummy skills and various aspects of the game. Since you’re playing for stakes – small or big, the competition will no longer be casual.

Know Which Cash Game to Pick

Rummy Passion offers cash games in a variety of formats. Like, Promotions and Tournaments are planned and organised in the best interest of players.These consists of amazing cash rewards and one can combine other offers with these to augment their winnings. However, that doesn’t mean that you ought to dive into these formats straight away.Every format of rummy requires a different skill level and to come up to that level, you need to practice thoroughly.

Above all, it’s vital to understand where your potential lies, i.e., what are your expertise. So next time, before you decide a particular format to play, see for yourself, which format is the most lucrative and will bring positive results.

Promotions – The reason you would like to participate in Promotions is that during the active days of promotion, you can choose any rummy variant to play cash games. Also, with a minimum deposit of Rs 100, you can join the tables. Last but not least, the more you play, the more will be your winning amount.

Tournaments – At Rummy Passion, you can partake in two types of tournaments – Freeroll Tournament and Cash Tournament. While in free tournaments, entry is free, you need to book your slot well before time. In cash tournament, there’s a predefined entry fee and have to confirm your seat, as the registration window opens. If you’re new to cash tournament, we suggest you to start playing for lower stakes, as it is the most cost-effective way to learn and get over your rival players.

Mantra to Excel in the Game of Rummy

“Specialize in your interested format on free tables and then Graduate on Cash Tables.” 

Go, Make a Seamless Shift to the World of Cash Rummy!

Now that you know what cash rummy has in store for you, why not dive yourself to have some thrilling rummy experience? When playing you can never make out what next is going to happen. So, to help you more, here’re some influential tips that you can use in your game to win over your opponents:

  • You can’t make out which of your opponent is prepared to declare the game, so focus on discarding high-value cards, as if you lose, you will lose with a lower margin.
  • Also, middle-value cards can somehow help you better your opportunity to form a sequence, so keep them.
  • Playing rummy is not only about melding your cards in right sequence/and or sets, but it’s also how smart you are to watch your opponent/s cards. This will help you make out to what level they are, and will accordingly help you better your game.
  • Make sure when you start playing cash rummy, your initial focus is to make at least one pure sequence, as that’s mandatory. Once you’re done, you can easily work on the remaining cards.

So next time you think of playing cash rummy, keep these pointers in mind and play to your potential to win over your opponents and seize some amazing cash rewards.

Passion Se Khel!

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