Can you put new lenses in old frames? What are the perks?

We are always asked this question – Can you put new lenses in old frames? And the answer is a big ‘Yes!’. If your lenses incurred any scratches that can’t be removed. Or the lenses broke apart when you threw your glasses unconsciously while being angry. Or maybe your prescription changed and you need to upgrade your lenses in your beloved old frames.

Whatever your reason to ask this question, we assure to make you a new set of eyes with new lenses in old frames would save you a lot of trouble. Hmm, what trouble do you ask? Well, the ones which might take form if you don’t get the following benefits by getting your new lenses in old frames.

The Undeniably Worthy Virtues of New Lenses in Old Frames

  • You get to keep your favourite frames.

Some things have powerful sentiments attached to them. It’s possible your old frames were gifted to you by a loved one, or you bought them with your first salary. With such emotions stuck in your heart, it’s troublesome to let go of your treasured frames and give their place to another pair in your heart.

To save you from this terrible feeling, the head pounding and the irritation that follows until the cows come home, we help you use new lenses in old frames.

  • You get to save money.

This one is a no brainer benefit. And in fact, the most availed one. Some even consider using their old frames to save money that can be used in high-end coatings like that of anti-glare, anti-UV and scratch resistance. While you get all that for free at Specscart with your new lenses in old frames, there’s nothing bad with saving some money. Is there?

And if you really like investing in yourself, you could even use that saved money on getting yourself another pair of glasses to help you step-up your eyewear fashion game.

  • You get to save the Earth. 

When you live on Earth, it also becomes your responsibility to take care of it. Reusing old glasses frames that are lying around your house is a great way to reduce plastic or metal consumption of the world. Why harm the habitat of other animals? Don’t you need to take care of that fish you might someday eat?

  • You get to save time and clutter.

Not everyone likes the fashion game. Not everyone enjoys pairing up glasses with pieces of their wardrobe. Ahoy minimalists! This might be for you. When you have already spent time in the past matching outfits with the frames you own and don’t want to find another frame while your old one becomes clutter; getting new lenses in old frames turns out to be quite a cherishable idea.

With so many benefits to avail when you get glasses lens replacement done, it is certainly something you should give a try. Though, those who love to spend or agree with us when we say ‘A frame for every game’ might just overlook these benefits as they have many of their own when they get new glasses frames.

So, if you want to get new lenses in old frames, that too, with anti-glare, anti-UV, and scratch-resistant coatings, let us help you out. All you need to do is order your new lenses, post your old frames to us and we’ll get them ready for you as brand new reglazed glasses within 24 hours. Get going right away!

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