4 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Car for Interstate Transport

4 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Car for Interstate Transport

It’s natural to get daunted when you are in need of transporting your car interstate. It’s because even if you find a good shipping company, you want to know how to go ahead with preparing your car for transportation.

As such, you can send your car for shipping as it is; however, your car is a pricey item and you want to make sure it reaches you safely.

Here are a few easy steps that will help you prepare your vehicle for transportation anywhere in the country.

1. Clean Your Car

The first and foremost thing you must do before sending your car to a shipping company for moving it across the country e.g. car transport Brisbane to Perth from Dazmac Logistics is to clean it thoroughly.

When you come to know your ‘First Available Moving Date’, make sure to get your car cleaned by that date. Once its exterior is washed, take the time to carefully check it for any:

  • Discolouration or paint chips
  • Dents or scratches

Although rarely, dings and scratches can occur during shipping; so, you should note the ones that exist already. A clean car makes these damages easier to find.

2. Capture Photos of the Existing Damage

Once you find all the existing faults, capture images of them with date stamps of each paint chip, dent, scratch etc. They are useful for your own records. Hence make sure the photos are clear.

Including these photos with your written record is a good idea; thus any new potential dents or scratches cannot be disputed by the shipping company.

When your vehicle is picked up for moving, keep these ready so, they can be easily marked on the condition report.

Image Courtesy: dazmac.com.au

3. Take Out Valuable Items

While shipping your vehicle interstate, it’s important to reduce the risk of theft, and so, all valuable items should be taken out of the car including DVD players, custom stereos, GPS systems etc.

It’s also recommendable to take out any toll tags or parking passes. Toll tags can pick up fees of every toll your vehicle will pass through. So, be sure to remove them and save on unnecessary charges.

If there is a custom alarm system in your car, make sure you remove or deactivate it. If it goes on during the journey, the trucker has the right to turn it off in any possible way. Hence make sure you remove it.

4. Secure or Remove any Loose Parts

If your car has any parts on its exterior that are loose or can be removed, make sure you either remove them or secure them before sending your car for shipping interstate.

For example, remove antennas and retract them or place them in your trunk. Side-way mirrors should be folded in.

If there is any custom spoiler or other similar parts, it’s a good idea to remove them so that they won’t be lost or damaged during transport.

In case of convertible car, you should make sure your car’s top is totally secured to protect it from any possible damage from weather.

Just as you take care of preparing your car while importing a car from Australia to NZ with Dazmac Logistics, prepare your car with the above tips for interstate shipping and get your car to your new destination in a safe and sound condition.

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