If you are someone who operates a restaurant, you most likely know the importance of satisfying customers. This isn’t isolated only to their appetite. There are many ways to ensure that a customer is having a great time and the challenge starts way before they enter to be seated.

Nowadays, 72% of those that search for restaurants do it on their mobile device. Depending on their experience as they scroll through the website of the restaurant they’re looking at, at least 30% will reserve a table. Make sure that you secure reservations with your restaurant web design.

Below are trends for restaurant web design that you can try:

1. Photo heavy

Many online users don’t actually have any plans on eating when they search for restaurants in the area. They just want to browse for potential restaurants later on. Make your website stand out with photos that’ll make them salivate.

2. Responsive website

More and more people are browsing the internet through multiple devices. To ensure that they have a uniform experience, have a website that is responsive. This way, they’ll always know where to scroll and click when they’re on the restaurant’s website.

3. Optimizing files

A restaurant web design that is becoming more important is the optimization of images, videos, and other website files. Websites that load slowly are more likely to lose the attention of potential customers.

4. Localization

Displaying unique content depending on where your user is browsing from can help you secure more reservations. Is there a local football team that just won? Celebrate that. An event in a nearby town where people might be looking for dinner after? Convince them to go to your restaurant.

5. Downloadable Menu

Your visitors should be able to take your menu on the go. Essentially, the menu of your restaurant serves as your calling card. At least 20% of users that download menus, print them afterward.

6. Animation

Eye candy isn’t only for the photos of your food. Having fancy animations on your website which are relevant to how your brand wants to be perceived can help in enticing online visitors to become actual customers.

7. Live Chat

Providing visitors with a way to instantly connect with a human can help tremendously in securing their reservation. Often times, the information that a visitor wants to know isn’t going to be available.


With most of the top web browsers adding a warning splash page for websites that aren’t served through an encrypted connection, you have to make sure that potential customers aren’t spooked by this when they visit your website.

9. Content Heavy

Being a minimalist is just not a great approach to most restaurants. Content is king and the more content you provide online, the more people you’re going to convince to reserve a table at your restaurant.

10. Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website through SEO, you’ll notice that there will be several adjustments to the restaurant web design.

11. Social Media Links

The links to the restaurant’s social media accounts should be featured front and center so visitors won’t forget to like and follow the restaurant in these portals.

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