What to Expect When Buying an Engagement Ring

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You’re getting ready to shop for the perfect engagement ring and think you know what to expect. But what if you don’t?

Before you start browsing, make sure you know what to look for when searching for the perfect ring, so you’re prepared for what might lie ahead.

The four Cs are critical

Before you start shopping, it will be important to learn about the famous ‘four Cs’. These stand for cut, clarity, colour, and carat, which are crucial aspects of a diamond.

There are some great guides on the four Cs, but basically, this affects how a diamond looks and what its worth. Here’s an overview:

  • Cut: its proportions, symmetry and brilliance.
  • Clarity: how many noticeable imperfections it has.
  • Colour: how clear it is.
  • Carat: its weight.

These four points influence the cost and beauty of a diamond, so get savvy on what they mean to help you find a winner.

Personalisation makes a difference 

Using characteristics special to your partner will be a big help when buying an engagement ring. Fortunately, there are many beautiful designs and respectable brands, like www.whiteflash.com/engagement-rings/tacori/ available to help you find a ring that’s unique and almost tailor-made for your partner.

What jewellery does your partner like wearing? Are they into quirky fashion or are they more traditional in how they dress? What about their favourite colour? Try and think of ways that make your partner unique and use that information to track down the perfect engagement ring.

There’s something for all budgets 

All the engagement rings you look at will be expensive and you won’t be able to afford anything nice. Forget that. There are stunning engagement rings available for a wide range of prices, so be positive.

Did you know that how much we spend on engagement rings has relaxed recently? Simply make a budget and stick to it. You’ll be amazed at what you can find at a reasonable price.  

Diamonds aren’t the only stone 

Did you expect there to be so many engagement ring choices that don’t include a diamond?

Nowadays, many are choosing to present emerald, ruby, opal, or sapphire engagement rings instead of the traditional diamond. If your partner has a favourite colour they wear a lot, why not get an engagement ring to match and make it special?

Research is key

Before you hand over your debit card, expect to take five minutes to verify the company. Although most are trustworthy, it’s crucial to check that the jeweller is registered with an authority. Also, read online reviews to make sure previous customers have been satisfied with their products and service.

It’s not just about the ring

Once you’ve found the perfect style at a great price, you’re done. Not necessarily. If you’re shopping for an engagement ring online, you now need to find out whether the delivery times, return policy and warranty suits you.

A reputable company will offer you at least 30 days to return a ring and if you need it fast, you better make sure they can get it to your door on time. Also, beware any business that doesn’t provide decent cover and insurance for your ring.

You’re ready. Now you know what to expect when it comes to engagement ring buying. Good luck.

Donegal Dollop

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