The Most Unusual and Rare Pearls that are Famous for its Existence


Pearls are famous for their unique lustre that is formed with the layers of nacre. It takes minimum six months to 24 months for a pearl to develop in the shell. Natural pearls have their own uniqueness which makes it priceless. However, getting natural pearls is difficult because not all oyster shells develop pearls. Hence, Kokichi Mikimoto brought revolution in pearl industry by cultivating pearls in oyster shell under the sea bed.

Nowadays, cultured pearls have captured the market all over the world. Every jewellery store and online shopping sites have various kinds of accessories made of pearls. If you want top quality pearls, you can visit They have been in this business for 16 years and were the first e-commerce site that brought revolution in the pearl business.

Apart from cultivated and natural pearls, there are some unique pearls which have been recognized for their exclusive history till date –

  • A natural pearl that weighs more than fourteen pound was found in Philippines and is the biggest pearl as of now. It is named as Pearl of Allah or Lao Tzu which was gifted to Wilburn Cobb when he saved son of the tribal chief.
  • The Abernathy pearl was found by Bill Abernathy in Scotland Sea. It is rare because the sea hardly produces any pearl since it contains polluted water.
  • Le Peregrina pearl is 550 years old which is unique due to its shape. This pear shaped pearl has travelled among royal families like Queen Mary, Napoleon Bonaparte as well as Elizabeth Taylor.
  • The Arco Valley pearl is the only natural pearl which isn’t in any museum today. It was given by Mongolian ruler Kublai Khan to Marco Polo.
  • Imperial Hong Kong pearl is a teardrop shape pearl which is as large as a bird’s egg. It was owned by the Chinese royal families.
  • Big Pink Pearl which was discovered by a diver still owns it and has no intention of selling it even if its value is $4.7 million. This pearl is obtained from an abalone at the coastal region of California.
  • Gogibus pearl was found by a Spanish trader, Gogibus which was further sold to King Phillip IV.
  • The Hope pearl can be seen in the British Museum which is four inches long and weighs around 4 ounces.

All these pearls have their own history which makes them more interesting and worth their value. If you ever get a chance to visit any museum and find a gem displayed, do remember to read its origin. It will be fascinating and worth of your time.