The Best of SEO Works for You

The Best of SEO Works for You


The agency can help you, but it can also harm you. As a result of improper positioning, Google may impose a filter on the page and it will disappear from the search results.

The client ordering SEO services can cost the agency a lot and even lead to financial liquidity. For an online store whose main revenue comes from organic traffic, Google’s imposition of filters may even require you to close your business. You can check this website for more.

Hence, the client should not agree to limit the agency’s liability.

The entry in the contract may read as follows:

“The Agency’s liability is limited to the amount of the monthly remuneration. The Agency is not responsible for lost profits and indirect damages.”

  • Of course, the agency may indicate a higher amount to which it is responsible.
  • If you are an entrepreneur and agree to such a record, then you know what it is related to. If you sign a contract in this form, it will be extremely difficult to claim compensation from the agency later.
  • By contrast, however, the agency’s liability cannot be entirely excluded. It will always be responsible for the damage it has done intentionally. However, it is on the client’s side to show that the agency caused the damage deliberately. In practice, it will be very difficult for the client to provide evidence of the agency’s deliberate action.
  • Therefore, the entrepreneur cannot agree to a quota limit of the agency’s liability for improper performance of the subject of the contract, unless the amount is high enough.

Settlement of expenses for the positioning of the website

The agency’s activities may involve additional expenses that the client should return to the agency.For the benefit of the client, the contract should include a mechanism to control the scale of these costs. It may be a price list or a requirement for prior acceptance of costs.

An attachment to the contract for SEO activities may be a price list containing information on the amount of additional costs related to positioning. Then, the settlement will be based on the prices specified in the price list.The second mechanism enabling the customer to control costs is his prior acceptance of costs. Only such an email approval allows the agency to charge the customer with additional costs.

Deletion of work results after the termination of the positioning contract

There are agencies on the market that, after terminating the positioning agreement, immediately remove all activities that have been done so far for the benefit of the client. For example, they remove acquired links or undo the optimization on page or off page.

In my opinion, such an action is contrary to the essence of the contract for the provision of services. The client paid for these activities, so the agency has no grounds to remove their effects.

However, it is worth making sure at the beginning of the cooperation that the agency will not remove the results of the work for which the client will pay. It is also a good determinant whether it is worth to start cooperation with such an agency at all.