Ramelton Woman Loses Enough Weight to Fit into Gym Clothes

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Best seat in the gym...

A thirty-six year old Ramelton woman has lost enough weight to fit into the gym gear she bought when she was twenty-five. Leigh Tharghgic, an unemployed chef from the Shore Road area of the town, embarked on a discovery of just enough weight loss to squeeze into her size 18 gym-leggings and is now confident she can bring her weight down to normal levels with “a wee bit of high-intensity training and eating a raw carrot every day.” Tharghgic says… Read More

Inishowen “Super Slimmer” Doesn’t Eat Yeast

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Some difference hiy...

Polly Ní Haturate, a 38-year-old woman from Inishowen, who has been on a diet since 1994, has revealed the secrets of her weight-loss success. “It’s all about evolving your diet hiy, so your body doesn’t get used to any food in particular,” she said, as she told us about her latest diet and the 2lbs of weight she has lost since she stopped eating yeast. Ní Haturate was a size 18 when she started her diet in 1994, at the… Read More