Summer Weddings: 11 Things You Need To Remember


Bright, gorgeous skies.Warm, fresh breeze. It’s no wonder why many couples choose to exchange their life-long vows and tie the knot during the summer.

However, staging your dream summer wedding doesn’t come without any challenges. Venues quickly become fully booked and most wedding caterers in Virginia are already busy serving clients here and there.

Through this feature, we are giving you a quick round-up on the things you need to remember when preparing for a summer wedding.

Finalize the date as early as possible. Summer is a peak season for weddings, and most people are in vacation mode. If you want to avoid matters like schedule conflicts among your guests, failing to get your dream venue, settle down with a wedding date immediately so you can start with your preparations.

Send out invitations months before the wedding. As a rule, invites and save-the-dates for weddings located in local venues should be sent out at least four months before the actual date. If it’s a destination wedding, notify your guests 8 months to even a year before the wedding day.

Choose light fabrics. Whether it’s chanteuse or organza or any other light fabrics, make sure your dress and your bridesmaids’ should be as comfortable as possible. The same goes for your groom and his groomsmen.

Book your venue ahead of time. As stated earlier, most couples find it a difficult task to get their dream location booked when it’s the summer season. Get ahead of your possible competitors and inquire even as early as the year before.

Decorate it accordingly. When planning your wedding, it’s important that the theme is well reflected in the venue. Choose a cool summer palette and keep in mind to make all elements of the venue cohesive and complementing.

Get a caterer in advance. Just like wedding venues, wedding caterers in Virginia are at their busiest once summer strikes. Do your research early and book your prospect catering company ahead of time. Discuss with them your preferred menu, and as a tip to make things less costly — include foods that are in season.

Work with what’s in season. Speaking of seasonal foods, you should also translate this principle of using what is in season for other aspects of your wedding — like using flowers that bloom during the summer.

Provide a steady supply of drinking water. Apart from giving out summer cocktails, you also need to secure enough and a steady supply of drinking water. Bear in mind: despite all the magic of summer, it’s inevitable for you and your guests to feel hot.

Provide sunscreens for the attendees. While it is important that your venue should basically have enough shade, it is recommended that you provide your attendees with another layer of protection against the rather damaging rays of the sun.

Keep yourselves and your guests cool. You should also equip your venue with ample supply of cool air — like renting out A/C units if the venue is indoors, or providing fans if your wedding location is outdoors.

Dish out a cool wedding playlist. Music is an essential part of the wedding, especially during the reception. Keep your guests entertained by curating a cool, summer-themed playlist.

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