Outdoor Survival Tips

Outdoor Survival Tips which Everyone should consider


Today we live in an era where there exists more human, but less humanity, more lust, but less love. Wherever you travel, you’re not safe anymore as you used to be some years ago. You hardly know what destiny has in store for you, so you need to be prepared. Be it a female or a male, anyone at any point of time at any place can be attacked, and that too for no reason.

Every day somewhere or the other females are getting raped, assaulted, harassed, and then being murdered, wonder how painful it is for the victim and the victim’s parents and relatives. And not only the females but the males too are becoming a victim of such situations. This has given a strong rise to self-defense weapons as well as plenty of workshops to learn self-defense.

What tips to follow to survive outdoors?

  • Keep a Proper Backpack: Your backpack should contain at least some dry food and some water to drink. And don’t forget to continue your search for the water if you are travelling for an extended period of time.
  • First Aid Kit: This is an essential tool to keep with yourself, in case you get hurt a first aid kit might prove to be useful.
  • Self-defense Weapons: There are some best self-defense weapons available which you must have to protect yourself from the callous people.
  • Self-defense Moves: You must know some impressive self-defense moves so that you can defend yourself at the time of need.

What are some best self-defense weapons?

Self-defense weapons have gained a lot of importance nowadays as everyone is well aware of the fact that an individual is not safe anywhere in the world and needs to be prepared to face such unfortunate situations. There are some best self-defense weapons one must have with him/her whenever travelling outdoor.

  • The Kukri Knife: If you are going for some camping, or hiking outdoor, you must keep in your pocket this amazing knife which won’t hurt you because it has a slight bent blade inwards.
  • The Pepper Spray: The moment you feel someone is approaching you, take out this pepper spray gun and spray that on their face. Red pepper and black pepper gives really a substantial burning sensation if sprayed in the eyes.
  • Tactical Pen: The stun gun and the pepper spray gun might be challenging to carry all the time in your hand, but this fantastic weapon is a simple pen with a very sharp tip that can be used to cut the attacker. It can be also used to electrocute an attacker.

Stay safe, polish your self-defense skills, keep the best self-defense weapons with you, follow the outdoor survival tips, and you’re good to travel anywhere at any time.