Meet the Wastards

Charlie Pterosaur

Squatter in the derelict house at Termon that for years had the words ‘Bord Fáilte Approved Piddle Stop’ painted on the side. Freelancing since getting the sack from an Irish Sunday tabloid for pointing out how incredibly fucking dull exaggerated crime-reporting is. Follow @CPterosaur

Fintan O’Toolbox

Fintan O’Toolbox graduated from Letterkenny Institute of Technology with a second class honours Degree in spelling and counting in 2000, he went on to achieve a Masters in real writing from Carlow Institute of Technology in 2002. Fintan can often be seen talking to himself at bus stops. Follow FintanOToolbox

Jack Hammer

International heart-throb & Lothario, frontman for ‘Jack Hammer & The Innovators’, contact: Follow JackHammerDD