How food tour of Bangkok is complete guide to the city’s life


Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is the delight to be. It is the city that has marks of Buddhist culture in its lifestyle. The city also has lots to offer for sightseeing as it is pecked with landmarks like temples, monuments, towers and etc. Its canal system is one of the unique features. But to know the city better, advisable is to be on food tour where you savor the cuisine and absorb the great culture simultaneously.

Staying aloof in Bangkok is not going to help you know this city in entirety. The city is experienced the best when you are on feet, strolling through the streets and enjoying world famous Bangkok street cuisine while visiting the important landmarks. The Bangkok Food Tour is normally a three-hour long gastronomic delight and thus, offers a fun escapade for free time when you are here for business or simply as a tourist.

Here are a few ways the food tour is the nicest option for exploring Bangkok:

1 – Pit stops like street stalls: Street food is what Bangkok offers one of the best in the world. The street stalls serve enormous variety of quick foods and finger foods that you can grab while roaming through a particular area of the city.

2 – Secret drinks for adults: There is a secret drink waiting for you at the end of the tour. The drink is mostly alcoholic and is prepared by the hardcore cooks and chefs who have complete knowledge of Bangkok cuisine.

3 – Walk through the streets: You need a guide for understanding locations as well as language as people do not speak English much. So, food tour operated by local residents is the safe option that turns out to be delight the way it is planned and executed.

Apart from these activities, the indelible impact of landmarks of the city gives you the unforgettable view of the city. You will not be able to resist capturing those in cameras, but what you cannot capture is the warmth, hospitality and the story behind the cuisine. Food tour helps you the best way to experience it in its raw essence.