Foam Packaging To Fit Any Shape Or Size


When you ship products that require packaging, the initial thought is to use those light and fluffy shipping peanuts, paper, or bubble bags. However, there are times when the peanuts do not hold up to the item in the package. That is why it is necessary to consider packaging that will help hold the item in place throughout the whole shipping process. If you need to ship a variety of shapes and sizes, then consider utilizing Foam In Place Packaging.

This product differs greatly from what is commonly used for shipping. The amazing part of the foam is that it is molded around the item to be shipped. This versatile packaging allows for an object of any size or shape to have extra cushion and support while in transit. This packaging mold is created when a mixture of chemicals is injected into a polyethylene bag.

As the mixture begins to foam up, the product is surrounded and all of the empty space is filled. This allows you to ship any object regardless of fragility, sharp edges, or odd shapes. Utilizing this product helps eliminate breakage that is common with insufficient packaging.

When you use foam that is molded to the parts that will be shipped, you are cutting loses for both your company and the consumer. The durability of the packaging means there will be no more parts arriving that are useless, and time will not be spent waiting for a part to arrive that is not a suitable replacement part.

Often times, when parts that have been shipped arrive damaged there, are great financial losses because productivity levels go down. With the use of foam this problem is nearly eliminated. You have the ability to guarantee your shipments will arrive on time, and in the same state in which you originally shipped them.

Over time your customers will appreciate the savings and quality products you are sending. There will be no more shipping back and forth, and the losses for damaged parts will turn into profits and savings instead.

The use of this foam helps not only consumers but you as a company in a competitive shipping market as well. With less damaged products arriving in the mail, you will enjoy repeat customers, as well as great consumer reviews.

If you do not have the ability to create the molds yourself, then it is possible to have the foam molds pre-made and shipped straight to your business. You will receive your shipping molds per your scheduled request, as well as shipping boxes or crates that are a perfect fit for the item to be shipped.

All you need to ensure the product is securely packaged are the proper dimensions, and the mold manufacturer will do the rest. This means you can utilize your time more effectively within your business; rather than spending countless days trying to sort out your shipping needs.

Foam inserts that are made to fit the shape of every item allow for any company to utilize better quality packaging for their shipping needs. There really is no excuse to wait any longer in regards to ensuring your shipments will arrive on time, undamaged, and still packaged properly in the box.

Your customers will appreciate the fact that the parts or items they order have arrived as expected and in a useable state. Do not wait another day before you make the switch to better packaging for your shipment needs. There is no better way to ensure the product you ship will arrive on time than by utilizing a foam piece that is made to fit.