Donegal Dollop Information for Everyone Tue, 25 Feb 2020 14:13:16 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Donegal Dollop 32 32 Perks Of Free Dating Apps Tue, 25 Feb 2020 14:13:16 +0000 Nowadays it is a good time to opt for dating apps rather than just craving for being in a relationship. With the use of smartphones and the internet, it is quite easy to carry some of the best applications which can provide you all the essential things. Getting a date or a companion is also important as it provides a sense of content. Apart from being content, if you find a good one, then you can fulfill your emotional and physical needs as well. Using a dating app can provide you some of the core benefits.

Benefits of using a free dating app

Confined information

The dating apps tend to have a minimal and shorter description of profiles. These descriptions are short but apt for knowing anyone. The shorter and confined approach of the apps is due to the sole reason that it is meant for smaller screens. A large set of information makes it very inefficient and less appealing. People often get bored while reading a long monologue.

Premium or niche way to get engaged

There are specific dating apps that define the basic attributes. For example, you like bearded men then there is a specific app that makes you connect with them only. This is one of the best attributes of the dating app. Moreover, there are settings in the dating apps which make you select a range, which you prefer like age group, distance, etc.

Set of new features

Dating apps keeps on updating their core attributes. You can witness some of the best features on the dating apps which makes it very efficient. The inclusion of different games and entertainment apps in dating applications makes it very interesting. You can share mutual interest on these apps as well.

Perfect for busy people

Nowadays work or job defines a human being. You will easily get succumbed to the working atmosphere which in turn provides you minimal time for yourself. Those who remain super busy in their work they can easily get a companion on these dating apps with minimal efforts.

Introverts friendly

If you are an introvert then these free dating apps provide a good way to meet people virtually. Introverts find it very difficult to get along with new people, and when you are looking for a companion, then it becomes more critical. These dating apps are way more preferable for the introverts to get going fluently.

These are some of the efficient perks of free dating apps. Use one of these and get a compatible companion.

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Five Quick Tips For Preventing Slope Failure Fri, 21 Feb 2020 15:28:38 +0000 Slope failures occur due to slope steepness, drainage of the soil and stream action, not enough vegetation sufficient to hold the soil, and human modification that was not to par favoring soil stability. These failures are classified by their downslope movement which includes landslides, landfalls, and slow slides. These movements impact a considerable range of landscapes and infrastructures resulting in deaths and destruction. Slope failures could be sudden or catastrophic. What could be measured in preventing slope failure Dallas TX?

Some of the causes of slope failures comprise of soil erosion caused by wind and water runoff. This removes the soil’s top layers making the slope steeper which increases the tangential component of the slope, thus more driving force for landslides. A steady seepage in the direction of the slope adds gravity forces making the slope vulnerable to soil instability caused by decreased pore water pressure. This condition is critical for a downstream slope. Another cause results from prolonged rain downpour which softens and erodes soils exposing existing cracks. Water runs into these cracks weakening the underlying layers leading to slope failures i.e. mudslides.

Earthquakes, on the other hand, produce energetic shear forces to the underlying rock and soil layers increasing pore water pressure, in turn, reducing available shear strength. Construction activities at the bottom of slopes increase the steepness of the slope thereby increasing the gravitational forces which may result in slope failures.

Measures can be taken in preventing slope failure Dallas TX. The consideration of good safety engineers can determine the stability of a slope by comparing the sheer tension of the soil to the shear stress established along the probable surface rupture. Soil stability involves the investigation of geology, groundwater, shear strength and surface drainage of is the soil in question. After soil stability determination, measures are applied and used to reduce or negate chances of slope failures. These include terracing and benching, friction piles, sheet piling, rock bolts, geo-grid, biotechnical stabilization, grating cribs, proper drainage, and retaining wall.

On fixing the drainage, the planned system must efficiently channel water away from the slope without affecting the slopes stability or causing erosion. If retaining walls are built supporting a slope, a weeping hole needs to be added or French drains to facilitate water drainage. If the slope is close to the property, a concrete retaining wall can be built on the lower part of the slope retain a considerable amount of soil.

These concrete walls suppress the collapse of the already held soil and check falling soil from reaching the built homes below them. Grating cribs are concrete frames laid on slopes within which plants are grown to guard the slope from erosion and weathering. A combination of grating cribs and ground anchors or allowing trees to grow between the concrete frames would reduce slope failures. Geo-grids of the other hand are cheap slope repair replacements where have gauge plastic sheet mesh material are mounted perpendicular to the retaining wall. These different layers a sandwiched amid compact layers and fastened to the retaining wall. Biotechnical slope stabilization is the use of plants and vegetation to stabilize a slope.

This is an advantageous method because plant roots hold the soil together preventing erosion and the vegetation slows down water flow. The alternation of deep root and shallow-rooted plants is ideal for it effectively stabilizes the slope. Some examples of shallow-rooted vegetation used as biotechnical slope stabilizers are clematis, daylilies, and shrubs. For deep-rooted plants include manzanitas and junipers. These five measures are ideal in preventing slope failure Dallas TX.

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List of team building activities Article Fri, 21 Feb 2020 15:22:31 +0000 Team building is detrimental to success. That is a certain fact for all fields. There has to be key participants that have a set skill that correlates with the skills of the other beings in the team. Understanding their role is essential to reaching where it is they desire to go as a team.

One does not simply have to take all tasks for themselves. Being able to alternate helps in the productivity of a team that gets to their desired goal in a timely manner.

It’s the basis of all successful teams. It’s taught from a small age that many benefits are reaped when a collaboration is done well. Learning to make beings better at working together is important; especially for managers in any lucrative field.

There’s a balance of pride when culture is involved in a team based job. Teaching workers to appreciate their peers and keeping the work environment in a stable blend of fun and serious, is the solution to an optimal team setting.

When peers are able to motivate each other and there’s even friendly competition, a company thrives. The team is what keeps an organization alive. Especially escape room fort worth.

It’s similar to quick tasks or brainstarters that serve as little games to have a team grow more in compatibility that in turn creates smoother work to be done. Such a list starts at code of conduct, where ten to even twenty have to take words relating to their organization and note what each being thinks in terms of the words and have them all come to a whole understanding.

The values and beliefs have to be on the same understanding within each mind in the team. For a second alternative to proper team building, campfire storytelling can bring about a sense of familiarity that’s needed in the work space. Magazine story is a wonderful game to use too. The company is broken into teams and the teams have to craft an imaginary magazine cover story about a successful creation. That allows envisioning to take its course in regards to a central agreeable point where each team member is on the same page. Allows for higher levels of cognitive thinking.

Shark tank is a third useful method to go with. In order to use it, teams create a pitch and attempt to secure investment in front of senior members who are regarded as sharks. The teams have to create amazing pitches and that gives them experience into crafting what works through the trial and error that is encountered. The capacity for the game is up to about twenty people split into teams of four to five.

Office trivia can be applied for quick methods of getting most on the relaxed atmosphere where things aren’t tense by asking questions related to the work environment. Questions can be about how many beings work in a specific field and it serves to truly bring awareness to those within the company. Escape room fort worth.

There are many more games that can be placed for members of a company. Each one can take from a few seconds to well over hours to complete but help in the overall focus of creating a better team for corporate gain. It can be done either indoors or outdoors on a day that’s best for all within the company.

The manager has to make the best choice. It’s best to do it during a weekend where all can attend, allowing members to know a week in advance. Being outside of a conference room will allow for teammates to really learn more in terms of weaknesses and strengths of their coworkers.

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The Benefits of Coworking Spaces Fri, 21 Feb 2020 15:19:33 +0000 There are several benefits of coworking space dallas.


The first benefit is that it can increase the productivity of the company. This is because there are going to be a lot less distractions for you while you are trying to work. This is one of the best ways to make sure that the employees are going to be productive. If you are going to be surrounded by other professionals that are trying to work as hard as you, then you will have the ability to get an extra boost of motivation. Plus, you will have access to conference rooms.


The second benefit is that you are going to have a better sense of community. This is because you will have the ability to network with different people. You will be working on your own but you are never going to be alone. A lot of the people that you are going to be meeting are going to be great for resources. Most of the time, the company is going to provide you with some educational programs so that you will be able to grow inside of the company. This is important so that you can be inspired by these people.


The third benefit of the coworking space Dallas is that it can help with new businesses because it helps to foster connections. This means that your business is going to be able to get a lot of new clients because the relationships that will be able to establish inside of the workplace. Your business will have a lot more exposure to a lot of different types of clients. Plus, you are going to have the opportunity to find a lot of new people to work with. You might be surprised who you might be working with.


The fourth benefit is that it can increase your well-being. A work-life balance is very important but most of the time you are not going to be able to find this at your workplace. But if you have all of the amenities that can help to promote a healthy work-life, then you are going to be a lot happier to be at work. Some of these amenities might include being dog friendly, yoga studios, and free beer and snacks. This means that you are going to have a healthier and more relaxed environment. The employees are going to be happy so that the business will be happy.


The fifth benefit is the diversity that the company is going to be able to see. This is because it is going to be a lot different than a traditional office. The coworking space Dallas is going to consist of a lot of members that are going to be working with a wide range of companies. This is going to be very unique since the company is going to be able to gather insight and collaborate with other professionals that are thinking the same thing as you. This means that there is going to be a lot less competition for your business.


The sixth benefit is that it is going to be very cost efficient for your company. It is important to remember all of the costs that are involved in running a small business. Therefore, you are going to want to cut costs whenever you have the opportunity. By becoming a member of the coworking office space, then you are going to be able to eliminate a lot of the costs. Plus, you are not going to have to worry about the additional utility bills or the new service providers.

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Gallstones: What are the risk factors? Thu, 20 Feb 2020 10:51:33 +0000 Gallstones or gallbladder stones can be defined as the build-up of excessive bile or bilirubin or cholesterol in the bile duct that is responsible for carrying bile to the small intestine. Some cases of gallstones don’t have evident symptoms; they are referred to as “silent stones”. Otherwise, gallstones are usually associated with mild to chronic abdominal pain, nausea, bouts of vomiting and fluctuations in body weight. Sometimes, gallstones also lead to pancreatitis, a condition of inflammation in the pancreas. Jaundice in adults also is an indicator of gallstones.

There is a myriad of causes for gallstones to develop, and it might be challenging to pinpoint the actual cause(s). Here are some of the key causes of gallstones.

  • Abnormal Functioning: The gallbladder acts as the prime reservoir of bile essential for facilitating digestion in the body. Abnormal functioning of the gallbladder will have adverse impacts on the digestion capabilities and may lead to auxiliary health ailments. Lack of gallbladder contraction to release the bile may lead the bile to be concentrated in the gallbladder, in turn, forming the stones.
  • Lack of Bile Salts: Bile salts are essential for breaking down the cholesterol in the bile. Lack of bile salts may lead to cholesterol accumulation and ultimately to the formation of gallbladder stones. However, at times, the accumulation of cholesterol also makes the bile salts to dissolve.
  • Excess Bilirubin Content: Health conditions such as liver cirrhosis, specific blood disorders, and infections in the bile duct may lead to excessive production of bilirubin. An excess amount of bilirubin may lead to a condition medically referred to as pigment gallstones.

Now that we have an overview of the common cause and symptoms of gallbladder stones, let’s have a look at the risk factors.

Risk Factors for Gallbladder Stones


Like several other health conditions, gallstones also have a root to the genetic or hereditary aspect. Individuals with a family member or close relative with the history of gallbladder stones are more prone to the development of gallstones. Though genetics is a risk factor, several studies have highlighted that it makes only a quarter of the entire risk module.

Some researches have even highlighted that Native Americans tend to have a genetic disposition to secrete higher levels of cholesterol, which ultimately leads to gallbladder stones.


The significance of a healthy and balanced diet can’t be undermined as it plays a pivotal role in the overall health and well-being of an individual. As we have already covered early in the article, cholesterol accumulation is one of the major causes of gallstone development. Certain dietary components put one’s body at the risk of higher cholesterol accumulation.

An increased level of cholesterol even creates an imbalance in the amount of bile salt which makes it challenging for the body to breakdown the cholesterol. Ultimately, the cholesterol keeps depositing in the bile duct that leads to further complications.

Individuals practising dieting and those who go for long hours without eating anything may experience lesser gallbladder contractions. Lesser gallbladder contraction is equivalent to more bile deposition in the gallbladder and gallstone development. A pattern of losing and gaining weight induced by dieting may also lead to the development of gallstones.


Needless to say, obesity is a prime risk factor for many primary and secondary health complications. That being said, it is also one of the major risk factors for gallstones. The higher your Body Mass Index (BMI) is the higher is your risk of developing gallbladder stones.

Women compared to men are more at risk of gallstones due to hormonal changes and pregnancy. Besides, studies have reinstated the fact that women with a higher BMI are three times more prone to developing gallstones.

Weight Loss:

While individuals with obesity symptoms are at a higher risk of gallstones, those who experience a sudden drop in body weight are also prone to it. A sudden and abnormal dip in body weight may shift the nutrient content in the body, which may create an imbalance in the bile salt quantity, bilirubin and cholesterol content.

As weight loss stems as a concerning risk factor for gallstones, medical professionals always advise a healthy and natural way of maintaining an appropriate BMI.

Interested to uncover more of the subtle risk factors for gallstones? Get in touch with the experts at Narayana Health, NOW!

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All You Need to Know About Filing Theft Claim for Your Bike Wed, 19 Feb 2020 11:15:01 +0000 Nothing can beat the convenience of commuting to places with a bike as it can easily beat the traffic and can pass with cool aplomb through the narrow lanes of the Indian roads. Given its ease of navigation, it is one of the most popular vehicles on the Indian roads. Simultaneously, it is also most vulnerable to road accidents and thefts.

Bikes and other two-wheelers are no longer a cheap vehicle today. In India, you have exclusive rackets and markets running to steal these two-wheelers and make money out of them. In case your two-wheeler is stolen; it is almost impossible to trace it as it is immediately dismantled and its parts sold away.

Looking from your perspective, the only way you can keep yourself mentally safe and financially secure is by getting an insurance policy that covers your bike for theft. Here we would throw insights on it and walk through the entire steps of filing a claim for bike theft.

The Theft Cover

You do not get this cover under third-party insurance which is mandatory by law for your two-wheeler. But your bike gets financially covered against Theft with Comprehensive Bike Insurance. Under this policy and by following the right procedure, the insurance company will pay you the monetary value of the bike as stated in the policy. Usually, it is the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the bike.

For those who had opted for the zero-depreciation cover for their bike, will get the actual amount of the bike that is given in your purchase invoice.

Steps for Filing a Claim for a Stolen Bike

A bike is the easiest vehicle to be stolen. It can easily be stolen from any parking lot, your garage and many other places. In case if your bike is missing from the place where you parked it; you need to first verify if it has been towed away by the Traffic police for violating any traffic laws. Once you are confirmed that your bike has indeed been stolen, then follow the below-mentioned steps for filing a claim.

  1. Lodge an FIR

As soon as you are confirmed of your bike theft, you must immediately lodge a complain about your stolen bike at the nearest police station. Always remember to get a copy of the FIR (First Information Report) sheet and keep several copies that would prove handy for use. This step is mandatory and if not followed, would certainly get your claim rejected.

  1. Inform the Insurance company

The next step is to inform your insurance company about bike theft. You must always call their helpline and know of the entire steps of filing the claim. Get all your queries resolved so that you follow the claim procedure to the tee. Keep your policy paper handy here as you would be asked for details like your policy number, registration number, details of your vehicle, etc.

This step also must be done at the earliest after filing an FIR. This is because most insurance companies have their method of looking into the claim. Many assign a Claims Inspector to investigate the matter. You must always cooperate to the fullest with them and answer all of their queries with complete honesty.

Many insurance companies work hand in hand with the police to try to trace and recover your bike. Thus, its best to get them in the loop at the earliest.

  1. Inform the RTO

The next step is to inform the RTO or Regional Transport Office about bike theft. When purchasing the bike, you must always register your vehicle with them. You need to inform them via an official letter mentioning all the necessary details. Once your letter has been received by them and all formalities conducted; they will give you the required transfer papers that are vital for getting your claim approved.

  1. Complete the Documentation Process

Once the above-mentioned formalities are completed, you need to submit the form for the claim procedure to be initiated with the insurance company. Along with the claim form, you must submit the following documents for a hassle-free claim settlement.

  • A copy of your bike insurance policy
  • Duly and accurately filled claim settlement form
  • A copy of your driving license (Your license needs to be active. Inactive license will lead to claim rejection.)
  • A copy of the registration certificate of your stolen bike.
  • Original copy of the FIR lodged.
  • Copy of the letter to the RTO
  • The transfer papers received from the RTO
  1. Hand over the keys

Along with all the documents, you must also hand over the bike’s keys to the insurer. The step is done by the insurers to confirm that you do have the keys and not left it in the bike that led to it being stolen.

  1. Procure the non-traceable report

Post your FIR, the police try to trace your bike. If it fails to trace it within 30 days, it issues a Non-Traceable Certificate to you. The insurance company will only begin the claim process once this certificate has been submitted to them.

  1. Submit the Letter of Subrogation

Next, you will need to submit a letter of subrogation to your insurer via which you would be transferring your ownership rights to them. This implies that if your bike gets recovered after the claim, it would be the property of the insurer.

  1. Wait for claim approval

Once all formalities have been completed, the insurance company would process your claim and give you the settlement amount according to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Wrapping up

The steps to claiming for a stolen bike is simple and straightforward. It is bliss in case of unfortunate incidents like theft.

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How Can I Stage My Home To Sell Faster? Wed, 12 Feb 2020 10:23:11 +0000 Appealing to homebuyers’ sentiments is the primary aim of effective home staging because it focuses on showing off the property in the best light. Meanwhile, if you do not know the right home staging techniques, you may not be able to sell your home soon.

The market is always full of different offers, and your property may not stand any chance if you fail to stage your home appropriately. In this case, you should hire a professional real estate agent to guide you through the process of home staging and selling. Leveraging the experience of a reputable real estate agent and proper home staging techniques will boost your chances of selling your home faster. Follow the tips below to stage your home for a quick sale.

  1. Spruce Up The House

The first step to staging your home to achieve the best results is to clean the entire house thoroughly. If you need pressure wash in some areas, do not hesitate to hire the right contractor. Your home must be sparkling clean to appeal to prospective homebuyers. Right from the ceiling to the walls and floor, clean everywhere, including light fixtures, cabinets, and windows.

  1. Get Rid of Clutters

No homebuyer will be happy to purchase a home that looks like a garage or mechanic’s facility. You need to de-clutter the house thoroughly. Keep away all items that scatter all over the house in the appropriate storage. You can create emergency storage in the basement or attic area. Also, use your kitchen cabinets effectively and store all items appropriately.

  1. Let there be Light

Another home staging technique is allowing the most natural light into your home. Bring down dark and heavy draperies and use light curtains that will allow the most light into the house. Besides, replace all dead bulbs and damaged lighting fixtures to ensure that everywhere is adequately lit.

  1. De-personalize the Home

When staging your home, it is essential to de-personalize the home. Remove all portraits, paintings, décor, and other personal items that indicate that you are the owner of the home. Make the house look neutral and ready for anyone to move in and occupy.

  1. Keep Pets Away

Your pets are yours, not the prospective buyers’. You are familiar with the scent and attitude of your pet, but the buyer may not like pets, which will discourage them from buying the home on the spot. To prevent a situation like that, keep your pets away when staging your home.

You can hardly get a home sold without consulting a reputable real estate agent. A real estate agent will also connect you with professional home stagers who will assist you in staging your home professional for more impact. Find a real estate agent you can work with to sell your home.

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Tips for Building New Credit Tue, 11 Feb 2020 10:15:23 +0000 Having a credit card without a good credit standing, is as bad as not having one. No financial institution will be willing to offer you a loan or maybe even a job, if your credit history doesn’t portray you as a responsible credit card user.

If you wish to stay out of financial troubles, bad credit should be the last thing you let happen to you. How do you build new credit? To a new user, building new credit can be a challenging process if you don’t know the right steps to follow.

How to Build Credit

If you have been wanting to build new credit, but lack any idea of how to continue, then the following steps are what you need to get going forward. Depending on whether you are new to the credit card system or not; you will find one of these methods applicable.

Request for a Brand-new Credit

In seeking to build new credit, the first workable approach is to apply for a brand-new credit card. For first-time applicants, getting a card may not be easy-peasy. Banks will not rush to give you a card when they have no credible information about your borrowing and repayment habits.

But there’s a way to start breaking the barriers. Make an application to acquire a secured credit card. Since there’s a collateral involved with this card, most issuers easily approve it for new users. To build your credit, see here.

Apply for a Retail Store Credit Card

Unlike other card types, the requirements for this card aren’t so strict. It’s much easier for new users to acquire this card, but the downsides can be seen in the low amounts of available credit that are tied to it. Moreover, retail cards are only usable within the confines of certain retail stores. You can use this card to shop for your favorite retail products, but woe betides you if you embark on a careless spending spree. There are high interests attached.

Credit Piggybacking

Another way to build new credit is by riding on the positive credit of other credit card users. Provided you have a reliable credit card partner, he/she can add you as an authorized user of their credit card. Your credit will be built positively if that of your partner is good.

Pay Your Debts

Old users must live up to their credit obligations if they are to develop good credit. If you don’t pay down your balances, there’s a little hope of earning new credit. Credit utilization is a considerable factor that dictates the nature of your credit scores. Preferably, experts advise that credit card users should strive to keep their balances  below 30% of their credit limits.

Take a Credit-builder Loan

There are some community banks that give special credit-builder loans to clients. Instead of borrowing money right away, users commit themselves to a fixed monthly savings plan for a specified time. When the community banks or credit unions testify your payments before the credit bureaus, you can build a good score for yourself. When the loan term ends, your money is accessible in your savings account.

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The More You Sweat In Muay Thai Training, The Less You Will Bleed In Combat Thu, 06 Feb 2020 15:59:54 +0000 Personal Trainer Education

Earlier forms of martial arts were very different like typical cardio kickboxing or dance martial art workout etc. But the Muay Thai certification is very different from others. This personal trainer education of muay thai is a very powerful and uncompromising effective martial arts training. The best part about this training is that it is imparted online and there are freedom and space. You can study at your own pace. It comprises of total 13 videos with advanced skills and techniques of martial arts which will be imparted to you. Plus, these videos will have sample workouts, so you can keep seeing this video again and again to refine your martial arts steps. After the completion of the training, there will be an online exam after which you will be given the title of muay thai certified.

Kickboxing instructor certification

Kickboxing instructor certification is very different than the earlier form of martial arts which was based on the dance system. Kickboxing martial arts offer training which is very real and is based on various kinds of martial arts challenges. In kickboxing instructor certification the best part is that there is no use of expensive equipment. So, this certification is also easy but you need to work hard a lot. Without hard work, you cannot expect to become certified. Plus, there is the constant support of the trainers who constantly are ready to guide you.

Coaches of UFC fighters

The art of eight limbs is known as Muay Thai. And therefore the coaches of UFC fighters are completely fit and also have a strong athletic body, plus the martial arts which are being taught specifically by these coaches comprise the use of hands, elbows, knees, and feet for powerfully striking.

Once you have completed the course of kickboxing instructor certification, you can get the kickboxing business ideas which the trainers will teach you. Online Coaching and Training Course and Business System will be delivered to you at free cost after the completion of the course/certification. Various business ideas, tricks, and techniques will also be taught such as generating leads, marketing, business advertisement, handling the clients, etc.

Course creator and your instructor, Bryce Krause has trained some of the best martial artists in the world including: Rafael Dos Anjos UFC Champion, Michael Bisping UFC Champion, BJ Penn, 2 weight class UFC Champion, Cris Cyborg UFC/Bellator/Invicta Champion.

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When Is A Paternity Test Granted by The Court In the State of Missouri? Fri, 31 Jan 2020 16:10:05 +0000 In Missouri, if a couple is married at the time that their child is born, the husband automatically goes onto the birth certificate as the child’s father and he immediately has parental rights. This gives him the right to make decisions for and about the child.

However, if the couple is not married when their child is born, even if the father is listed on the child’s birth certificate, he does NOT have parental rights to the child. Paternity can be established by both parents consenting to and signing an Affidavit Acknowledging Paternity.

If the prospective parents can’t agree to sign the affidavit, the child and each of them will take part in a court approved paternity test Kansas City MO.

If the lab results show at least 98% probability of the man being the child’s biological father, an Affidavit Acknowledging Paternity must be signed by both parents. Once paternity judgment is granted, the fathers name will be added to the birth certificate and he can make decisions for and have equal access to the child.

Although the court approved paternity test Kansas City MO defines DNA of the child, it doesn’t automatically decide custody, visitation or child support. The court will need to be petitioned for these and the judge will make a decision based on the child’s best interest. Usually, the mother will have custody of the child unless the father can prove that she is unfit.

Missouri has a set of “best interests of the child” standards:

  • the child’s preference
  • the child’s relationship with each parent
  • each parent’s ability to care for the child
  • whether each parent is willing to allow the child to maintain contact with the other parent
  • the mental and physical health of each parent, as well as the child
  • the child’s performance in school and adjustment to home life
  • whether either parent plans to relocate the child

If the prospective parents decide that they don’t want to wait for the birth of the child to decide paternity, there are Certainty Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Tests. With this test, paternity can be established as early as seven weeks into the pregnancy. A blood sample is taken from the mother and a cheek swab from the prospective father, then with exclusive technology, the lab is able to develop a DNA profile of the fetus and compare it to the DNA profile of the possible father.

On the flip-side, a previous declaration of paternity can be overturned by a DNA test and petition for non-paternity. The petition must be filed within two years of the original judgment of paternity.

Can A Paternity Test Be Refused?

If a prospective father receives a court order for a paternity test and ignores it, he can be held in contempt. At that point, he will face a fine and possible jail time.

However, if the mother receives an order from the judge for a paternity test and refuses it, she can be held in contempt unless she has a logical reason to deny the request. The judge will take her reasons into consideration as long as its done in a timely manner.

Who has more rights, a mother or father?

A Missouri family law judge doesn’t give preference to the mother or father when making decisions regarding child custody, visitation or child support.

Who’s last name does the child take?

The baby doesn’t have to take the last name of either parent.

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