Commenting Policy

For those of you thinking of leaving a comment in response to an article, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Be prepared to have someone rip you a new one. We’re not big on censorship here at Donegal Dollop. If you decide to exercise your right to express your opinion, don’t forget that not everyone will agree with you. Also, don’t forget that people can be mean – they can say mean things and things that you find offensive and things that you won’t like. These people have a right to express their opinions too, you know, so if you’re not willing to accept what other people have to say about your opinion, maybe it’s best to just stay away from the commenting altogether?
  2. You are commenting on a public forum. Once you comment, it’s there. People can see it and link to it and tell stories about it. The last thing that should go through your head before submitting a comment should be something along the lines of “Does this make me look like an absolute lunatic/bigot/hypocrite/arsehole?”
  3. Swearing is okay. Just don’t forget the golden rule of swearing – if you overuse swear words, they lose their impact. This lesson also applies to life in general. Carry it with you, and pass it on.
  4. Keep it legal. And we’re not talking about your choice of sexual partner. In all seriousness though (and this may be the only place where you find us being serious, so get a good solid image in your head of a stern man with his arms folded, and he’s looking down at you and there’s pure rage in his eyes and big veins coming out of his neck, because he’s THAT serious, and he wants so badly to break your wee neck, so you daren’t think for a second that he’s bullshitting you lest you give him the excuse), we don’t support criminal or defamatory comments and should a comment end up being the basis for a legal challenge, we will not hesitate to write your IP address down on a post-it note and give it to a Garda who will use it to be a complete pain in your hole for the duration of whatever mess arises.
  5. Impersonation is allowed, some of the time. Please don’t come on here claiming to be ‘Johnny Nellie Paddy Mary Charlie from Falcarragh’. If, however, you want to pretend you’re Jesus Christ, then by all means, feel free.
  6. What we say goes. Even if you don’t like it. Even if you think it’s offensive. Even if you think it’s not funny. Even if your mind is so narrow that you think there’s no way it could possibly be a joke. Even if one of your friends told you that you should drop by the site and leave a comment because it’s “a bloody disgrace.”
  7. If someone abuses you, abuse them back. For no other reason than we enjoy sitting back and watching the fireworks.
  8. Spellcheck, spellcheck, spellcheck. You may have the best argument in the world, but with the level of pedantry we have around these parts, it won’t take you far if it starts off “Your article has inraged me…”

Happy commenting, people!!!