What were you up to in March of 2012? Well, five years ago today, seven intrepid Donegal writers gathered together in the shadows of Mount Errigal to report pure unfounded conjecture for the North-West, right here on the acclaimed web pages of Donegal Dollop.

Over the years, we’ve reported a hape of stories across the county, blown the lid on wile carryings-on and occasionally had a bit of craic with many of you loyal readers, and of course, with a few narky wastards too.

So, to celebrate our 5th anniversary, we’ve compiled some of the stories that were published over the past five years, for your reading pleasure. We’re wile sound like that!

Glasgow Boy to Sue Uncle After Being Tricked into Slave Labour in Donegal Bog

12-year-old Jamesie Boyle, of Knightswood in Glasgow, is to sue his uncle, Seamus Boyle, after he was allegedly seduced into working a 17-hour stint in a Cashelnagore bog while visiting Donegal with his family last summer. It is thought that the family dispute could end up being a landmark case that could see the floodgates open for thousands of similar claims from second-generation Irish cousins living overseas. Click Headline for more!

Community on High Alert as Neighbour Parks on Other Side of House

The village of Meenlaragh is on high alert this evening at unconfirmed reports that one of its residents decided to park their car on the other side of the house. Earlier today, seventy-two year old Charlie Caide grew suspicious when the red 06-DL Toyota, usually parked on the side of his neighbour’s house nearest to his, was in fact parked on the other side of the house completely. Click Headline for more!

Donegal man’s Roxette Casette Tape Finally Breaks

Donegal is in mourning as it’s been reported that a local man’s cassette tape of Roxette’s Joyride has finally snapped, after 24 years of continuous play. The incident happened earlier this evening when Ardara man, Danny Disco, was travelling home in his 1989 Opel Kadett. Click Headline for more!

Kim Jong-Un Denies Donegal Holiday Home Plans

Kim Jong-Un today dismissed reports that he is planning to buy a holiday home in Donegal. The supreme leader of North Korea has reportedly been scouring daft.ie in the hope of finding something economical where he could kick back, relax, and forget about day-to-day worries when not oppressing his people. Click Headline for more!

Fine Gael to Officially Request That Donegal be Returned to the Republic

Fine Gael have today announced plans to once again table the issue of partition with the British government next time the two meet for talks. It is thought that the move is an attempt to win over cynical Republicans who may doubt the party’s commitment to issues involving the occupied territories. Click Headline for more!

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