Residents of the small town of Falcarragh were given a shot in the arm today with news that British TV sex line, Babestation, are to open a base of operations on the site of the recently-demolished parish hall.

There was controversy in the small rural community over the weekend when the ancient parish hall, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, was demolished under cover of darkness by the Ulster chapter of the Illuminati. However, this rage soon turned to elation when news broke of what would replace the ancient edifice.

The deal came about when members of the Falcarragh High Council of Elders met with a Babestation delegation who were visiting Westport, County Mayo, to discuss a recent spate of incredibly awkward wrong numbers in the area. As part of the deal, the TV sex line will be granted full planning permission to build on the site of the old parish hall, a raft of generous tax breaks, and the Station Road will be officially renamed ‘Babestation Road’. In exchange, the local community will get seven unpaid internships and a box of Curly Wurlies.