There were turbulent scenes in Meentycat this afternoon as tens of protestors gathered to demand the local wind farm be put underground.

The 72 megawatt wind farm is the largest in the country and generates enough electricity to power the equivalent of approximately 45,000 homes a year. However, some local residents have voiced concerns that the giant futuristic turbines detract from the rugged beauty of the surrounding Donegal wasteland.

The group who organised the demonstration say they are not opposed to wind energy per se, they simply believe there is no good reason why the wind-powered turbines can’t just be put underground where no-one will have to look at them.

“I’ve heard they did that in Holland,” said Séimí O’Nimby, whose back garden almost has a direct line of sight to one of the turbines, “Some bloke down the pub told me, and he said it was cheaper than putting them overground too!”

We asked Eirgrid for comment but their spokesperson just gazed at us in silence with the forlorn expression of someone who has drank too long from the cup of human existence.