A man has been found dead beside the smouldering remains of a torched ice cream van outside a Donegal housing estate this morning.

Charlie Cornetto, a 45-year-old ice cream man, was discovered in the early hours by a passing delivery driver on his way into the Calming Springs Estate outside Letterkenny.

The victim was found severely beaten, with a Flake sticking out each ear and covered in sprinkles. The victim’s 1996 Ford Transit was found on fire in a nearby ditch, with the speakers smashed and stuffed with candyfloss.

Mr Cornetto is believed to have driven his ice cream van, with melodic chimes blaring, into the posh estate at around 8pm, just as the residents were getting their children ready for bed.

An eye-witness claims the ice cream man drove into the posh cul-de-sac and then parked in the centre of the road with ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ playing on repeat. The witness told Donegal Dollop, “It was a quiet, peaceful Sunday evening at first, then the piercing sounds of ‘Greensleeves’ and ‘Match of The Day’ caused a few curtains to twitch.”

“A few residents came to their doors to give discouraging looks, next thing, they’ve become an angry mob and are rocking the ice cream van back and forth and have pulled the driver out, beating him with their M&S slippers and rolled up Sunday Independents.”

A member of the Gardaí who lives with his wife and 15-month-old twins in the estate has said they are not looking for any individuals at this time.