Hollywood movie star, George Clooney, has struck back at corrupt South Sudanese officials and war profiteers fueling some of Africa’s deadliest conflicts.

The co-founder of The Sentry, an initiative to expose unethical banking which funds war criminals and profiteering, plans to reveal the identities of a number of banks and financial institutions involved in unsavoury business deals with corrupt governments.

Speaking to a room filled with international press, the ‘Batman & Robin’ star revealed that “after a year long investigation into the most unscrupulous banks around the globe, one name kept popping up: the Gweedore Credit Union in Donegal.

Mr Clooney explained that the pursuit of war criminals was a futile task and that exposing the institutes that fund them was more successful.

The ‘Return of the Killer Tomatoes!’ star told Donegal Dollop, “You can’t shame war criminals – But you can shame banks and people. And we have the moral obligation and ability to act. Oh, and you can’t shame Westies neither.”

A representative for Gweedore Credit Union explained, “we didn’t knowingly bankroll any African Warlords, but we did sell this one fella a €20 ticket for the Christmas draw, and gave a him a €5000 loan, but he said it was for home repairs. How were we to know he’d use it to buy a hape of machine guns”.