There was great relief for a Donegal family this afternoon, when they finally bid farewell to relatives from Scotland who have been holidaying at their home for the past two months.

The Annagry family have been hosting their Scotch cousins since late June, when Angus and Morag MacDonald, along with their family of five from Glasgow, came to visit their Donegal cousins and stay in their Granny’s house rent-free for two months.

“The MacDonalds arrived at our house just after Bonfire night and said they were staying for a few days. Our 3-bed bungalow is the family home-house, and their granny and my granny are 2nd cousins, so, we had to let them stay” explained the Annagry man.

“After the Scotch wans moved in, there was no shifting them. They were here for the Euro’s, the Ulster final and the Olympics. All the while, using every drop of hot water in the tank and eating us out of house and home” he continued.

According to reports, the Scotch cousins used their Granny’s house as a free hotel, availing of their host’s hospitality in form of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as emptying the drinks cabinet every evening.

However, the Annagry family noted that their Scotch cousins didn’t leave without remuneration for the two months B&B.

“Well, as they were leaving they said thanks for their stay and said how much they look forward to returning next summer. Then they handed me a tin of Danish biscuits and a bottle of Irn-Bru.”