A Donegal man is “pure delighted” that the Olympic soccer competition is finally underway, ending an arduous four year wait to watch Olympic soccer on the television.

Pat O’Leeroyd, a PE teacher from Ardara, told Donegal Dollop that he “absolutely loves Olympic soccer”, soccer that’s so very different from the ubiquitous, never-ending other soccer beamed into our televisions 365 days a year.

“Man this is so fucking exciting, can you believe it! Football on the television!” he explained, telling us that he “didn’t much bother” with any of the other inspirational Olympic sports.

“Aye, some of my friends do be watching that fancy stuff, like Gymnastics or Diving, but sure, them gymnast bucks aren’t strong at all,” he continued, before explaining how he conducts his PE classes:

“You basically throw a couple of soccer balls into the field; and let them do the rest” he said.