There was celebrations across the county this evening after Donegal Dollop, Donegal’s second best conjecture website since 2012, received its 5000th Facebook ‘Like’.

The momentous occasion occurred earlier when Danny McGinley finally decided to get off his backside and like our Facebook page, God only knows what he was up to for the past four years.

The Dunfangahy lad, clicked ‘Like’ on The Dollop’s Facebook page at around 6pm, unwittingly triggering an alarm in Mark Zuckerberg’s house, which alerted the billionaire to inform the hardworking team here at Donegal Dollop.

Donegal Dollop was founded in 2012 by a craic team of underground journalists, eager to drop truth-bombs on the people of the county in retaliation to Donegal’s Daily online ‘news’ website.

Over the years, the wastards in Dollop Towers have selflessly provided Donegal with the second-best conjecture and gossip available through written blog posts (in an era when nobody reads more than 140 characters at a time), gradually winning over fans and followers, culminating in today’s epic 5000th Facebook fan (a feat that a page with a photo of a ‘Despicable Me’ Minion and Mrs Brown’s Boys quote could do in 14 minutes).

Since 2012, the line-up has changed many times with some members moving on to high-profile careers in medical research, the Dáil, and even Hollywood. The remaining crew have spurned the temptations of riches and celebrity to continue to bring the world the best buckin’ news around county Donegal, hiy!

So, what does the future have in store for the gamaloons at Donegal Dollop? Well apart from maybe 6000 likes in the year 2063, that’s all up to the people reading this. Give us a read, like the page, share the stories and get in touch! We love hearing from you, apart from the wankers looking for us to promote their mate’s band. They can go shite up a tree.