Donegal cloud-watchers were shocked to see their nightly hobby interrupted by the Perseid meteor shower last night.

Sheamie Scamaill, a habitual cloud-watcher from Gweedore, told Donegal Dollop he was outraged that his night’s viewing was ruined by the annual phenomenon.

“Bhí mé buckin’ ragin’, hiy. I was looking up at the nice, fluffy clouds that permanently float above Donegal, noting the shapes in my cloud jotter, when the flukin’ Perseids started pissin’ it down on us, just like the laser show used to over in Seaview.”

The irate Donegal man continued; “I know the Earth is passing through the debris field of the meteor, Swift-Tuttle, with particles entering our atmosphere at 37 miles per second, but that’s no excuse for buggering up my night. One of the clouds was about to resemble the shape of a 3-legged dog. And we all know that hardly ever happens.”

The Perseid meteor shower is not the only celestial show the people of Donegal have witnessed of late. The Northern Lights are a regular feature of the North Western Skies as is the warm, otherworldly glow of Noel Cunningham’s face over Donegal Town.