Convicted drug smuggler Michaella McCollum, was prevented from landing on Tory Island yesterday after being found in possession of 3 litres of Coke.

Tory Island customs became suspicious of the 23-year-old convicted drug mule after noticing a large container in her carry-on luggage on board the island’s passenger ferry, an Tór Mór.

An island official asked Ms McCollum to open her luggage and it was revealed the Tyrone woman had concealed a 3 litre bottle of Coca-Cola, which is prohibited on the island. When confronted, the ex-con claimed that she feared for her life and was forced to carry the bottle after she had been held at gunpoint by a 6 year-old Magheroarty boy.

Coca-Cola was outlawed on Tory Island in 1985 after the launch of ‘New Coke’. Since then, Island elders have forbidden any products from the Coca-Cola Company, resulting in a coke-sensitive ecosystem.

Tory Islander, Eamonn Na Ecology, explained; “Aye a heshkey, níl muid ábailta Coca-Cola a drinkáil. Tá muintir na noilean gach ag guzzleáil American Cream Soda.”

Michaella McCollum was denied entry to the remote Donegal island and had to return to Northern Ireland where she undoubtedly will have multi-thousand pound book contracts to sign and reality-TV shows to appear on.