The upcoming 2016 Community Games has found itself mired in controversy this week after it emerged that several athletes due to take part in the competition have tested positive for drugs.

Following a series of raids in bedrooms and garages up and down the country, the World Anti-Doping Agency found that several competitors in the Art and Group Music categories tested positive for a variety of performance-enhancing substances including LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, Dimethyltryptamine, and Mexican sensimilla (a highly potent yet deliciously smooth form of marijuana).

It is unclear whether or not the offending athletes will still be allowed to take part in the event, but one parent we spoke to assured us that her son was not to blame for his actions and that it was instead the fault of “those bad articles from the town that he’s been hanging around with lately.”

The Community Games kick off on the 12th of August at the Athlone Institute of Technology in Westmeath, which has served as the new home for the games ever since Mosney was converted into a de facto concentration camp for asylum seekers.