Shocking news for TV3 sports presenter, Tommy Martin, as it was announced today that the Donegal man will be replaced in the Autumn by Carlo the Dolmio advert puppet.

Tommy Martin, originally from Annagry, has been on our TV screens for years and become a respected voice in football punditry, as well as being a conversation piece around the county about how well “Th’on Westie is doing for himself”.

Tommy Martin
Pasta P45

However, TV3 executives have revealed they plan to replace Mr Martin with Carlo the foam puppet from the Dolmio family sauce adverts later in the year.

One TV big-wig is quoted as saying; “The decision to replace Tommy Martin with a 4ft tall puppet didn’t come easy, but the cost of securing someone from Donegal is far too high. The importing of Football Special and McGarvey’s Curry alone are staggering!”

Carlo the Dolmio puppet is currently in transit from Tuscany inside an old Panasonic box.