Alright campers! It’s been wile wet and close altogether, if it were any closer you’d be home! Wettest July on record my dad reckons and he should know, he’s been collecting rain for years! Anyway, here’s what to watch next week:


UTV 10:30pm: Born on the 12th of July Road movie. Neighbours Alistair Mcallistair & Patrick Fitzpatrick struggle to make it one day without fighting over who fixes the potholes outside their houses before the gay pride march passes by.


RTÉ1 7:00pm: Nationwide – Some old RTÉ doll interviews some older doll about some old Crolly dolls.

TELEVISION X 12:30am: Mrs Brown’s Toys – Bawdy sex comedy about a Jackeen fuckwit in drag and his/her inventory of sex toys.


MTV 7:00pm: MTV Crabs – MTV gives you an up close peek into the knicker drawers of the rich and famous. This week Country and Western superstar Mike Denver.

BBC1 3:30am: The Woice Gweedore – Contestants physically battle it outside the Sea Wiew nightclub at closing time. Oh and there’s a bit of Sean Nós.


Film4 10pm: Porn on the 12th of July – Biopic. Woody Harrelson stars as Durty Danny Hanna in this gritty tale of the rogue’s rise and fall in the VHS porn reproduction industry.


CHANNEL5 8:30pm: Bog Brother – Reality TV show were 12 people do meaningless tasks in the bog, all while trying to get the turf bagged before the rain comes.

TG4 11.00pm: Braking Bad – Series featuring the motoring mishaps of one legged Rally driver Eileen Twunside.


BBC2 10pm: Have I Got News For You?A panel of Alzheimer’s sufferers attempt to discuss the week’s news in this slow-paced topical show.


RTÉ1 9:30pm: Primeval Prime-Time – A group of panelists try to outrun a band of prehistoric creatures who escape through a portal near Miriam O’Callaghans handbag.

TG4 10.30pm: Byrne on the 12th of July – Drama. Strange tale of a man trying to travel back in time so he can appear with Gay Byrne on ‘The Late Late Show’ in 1985.


  1. I think you’ll find John Watery-Eyes down yonder in the discreet back room at the barbershop in Dunfanaghy. I heard he was after a Brazilian.