Donegal players of the popular ‘Pokémon GO!’ smartphone game have been left disappointed at news that after years of disinvestment and neglect, there are simply no Pokémon in the county to find.

Mass emigration of popular Pokémon such as Squirtle and Wartortle has meant that players of the game all over the county are walking around aimlessly in a land bereft of the little Japanese cartoon creatures.

Maire Ní Thábhacthach from Údáras na Quango explains: “Aye, tá siad uilig shiúl. No jobs left for the wee wastards because we took the all the money.”

Although some very rare weekend sightings of Pokémon have been made hovering around the likes of Carrickfinn Airport and the Dublin bus stop at Letterkenny, they’re soon gone again by Sunday afternoon.

Players are being encouraged to try neighboring counties like Derry and Australia to catch either a Meowth or a Psyduck.