A Donegal man’s masculinity has been called into question after spending an astonishing fourteen hours assembling one piece of IKEA furniture.

Timothy Softman, a 43 year-old civil servant, began construction of the flat-pack IKEA DÜMBÅS wardrobe at 10am on Saturday morning, after a chia seed and flax oatmeal breakfast. The Father of three had hoped to have completed his DIY task by 10:40am in time for a poetry reading at his local library.

Unfortunately for Mr Softman, he was still constructing the free-standing, MDF wardrobe fourteen hours later, as his disillusioned wife gazed on.

A distraught Mrs Softman told Donegal Dollop; “I just can’t believe it. I overlooked Timothy’s penchant for world cinema, his David Gray albums, even dragging me up to Dublin every year for Bloomsday. But this is too much. I just don’t think our marriage can be saved”.

A clearly disheveled Mr Softman was seen walking into his work at the local INTREO office on Monday. When questioned about his appearance, the Jobs Assist coordinator told our reporter; “I didn’t get to bed until 5am this morning, I was trying to change the clock on the car’s dashboard”.