A Donegal man has failed to impress anyone with his snapchat story featuring snaps of him on a night out and with a pint of Heineken.

Fergus O’ Knobhéad sent the snaps on the popular photo-swapping app on Friday evening, posting them to his ‘story’, which allows all of his snapchat contacts to view them.

The 27 year-old sales-rep took the photos in O’ Flaherty’s of Buncrana during his first night out in over 4 months. The man, who sells insurance door-to-door, is usually found cosied-up with his fiancée of six years, in front of the TV.

It’s believed the snaps were added to his story at around 8pm and continued up until 11pm when the final one displayed a photo of a 4 Lanterns Snack Box captioned, ‘Steamin’.

Among the snaps of his friends ignoring him were; an untouched pint of Heineken with the title; ‘livin d life’, and a selfie in the toilets emblazoned with ‘Rock star’.

One of Mr O’ knobéad’s contacts told Donegal Dollop; “the sad wastard added me after I said I’d think about buying home & car cover. He’s usually posting snaps of his cat or his bicycle, the dick”.