The former leader of the Irish Labour Party, Joan Burton, is meeting Jeremy Corbyn today with a view to mounting a full scale comeback to the Irish political scene.

The ex-Tánaiste is getting advice on how to put a full scale support movement together so that everyone will gather around shouting her name (rather than shouting obscenities).

Sources close to Burton told Donegal Dollop that Corbyn’s current democratic ‘defiance’ in the face of a challenge from MPs has motivated her into a return.

“Yeah she’s getting tips from Corbyn on how to get some kind of momentum going at the grass roots level. She’s different to Corbyn that way, in that her TDs quite liked her, it was the public who hated her guts,” the source said, adding that many within the Irish Labour Party think a Corbyn style ‘ruckus’ is exactly what’s needed in the face of growing political obscurity.

“We’ve fuck all TDs anyway so we have absolutely nothing to lose,” one of them said.