A Donegal father has spoken about his disappointment after receiving a picture painted by his daughter from her first week at summer camp.

Father of nine, Padraig O’Fertile, told Donegal Dollop he was underwhelmed by the painting of a duck or helicopter or whatever the hell it was, which his daughter proudly presented to him after week one of the five week camp.

“The wee girl was at that camp all week and this is the crap she comes home with? Fluke that for a carry on, and the buckin’ price of it too! I’ll have to get her tested for something” said the exasperated parent.

The disillusioned dad continued; “She expects me to hang this on the fridge door, but to be honest, I don’t think I could stomach looking at that every morning. It’s all the failure and disappointment of parenthood personified”.

The 6 year-old child is believed to be attending the arts & crafts themed summer camp until August. However Donegal Dollop has been informed the girl may be put up for adoption by the end of July.